Tips To Solve AIPMT Physics Questions

Don’t find Physics interesting, didn’t prepare well Physics for AIPMT, having trouble Solving MCQ; these thoughts might come in most of your mind. We often come across students who say after AIPMT exam that Physics paper was tougher, didn’t attempt too many. Well the reason is obvious that since students want to go in medical field so they find Physics & Mathematics less interesting. But keep it in mind a single question can leave you 1-1000 back, so each question is very important. Also application of Physics is equally important in medical field. Solving more Physics section questions correctly will give edge over others & will definitely improve your ranking.

In AIPMT, all questions are objective. The Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) has four answers, out of which only one options is correct. Students need to circle the correct option for every question and earn marks.

It is usually seen that candidates consider objective questions easy as compared to subjective. Despite of the wide spread liking towards MCQs, multiple choice questions could be difficult to tackle. At times, the choices may appear similar and therefore you might get confused. In order to answer the questions correctly, students need to have deeper insight of every topic in the syllabus. Students can use the below mentioned tricks for both online and offline exams:

Be Calm

Candidates should make sure they are stress free and calm before writing AIPMT. Since, due to tension you may lose concentration and might mark a wrong answer.

Understand the question

Identify the important part of the question and apply your logic. Understand what the question is before marking the answer. Tick the answer only when you are sure. Choosing correct answer is really important, since every wrong answer might result in deduction of marks (due to negative marking in the exam like in AIIMS exam).

After reading question, identify the topic and apply concept related to it. Make the diagrams for better understanding to make sure you land up to the right answer choice.

Check the Dimensions

This technique is very handy in Physics paper, where we can filter options by looking at their dimension. Let’s say, we are to find the speed, then we can safely filter out options whose dimension does not equals m/sec. Believe me, it will save a lot of your time.
Don’t guess the answer too soon! Take some time to think and make necessary calculations. Stop and read the question and options carefully.

Method of Assumption

This is another important method. In some of the questions, some unknown quantities will be given. Here, we assign some values to these quantities without changing the conditions given. This is almost similar to the method of substitution.

Choose technically correct option and Generalize Questions
It is often seen that people tend to ignore options like ‘all of the above’ and ‘none of the above’ thinking such options are never correct. In reality, these options tend to be right more often. Also, don’t jump into any option abruptly.

Do a little guess work

Even though guess work is not always the best practice, it might work at times. If you are not sure of an answer, make a guess! Delete some options which you think are in correct and try to relate the left overs with the questions to check what answer you get. Remember, guess work is not always beneficial. So try to avoid it!

Don’t change your answer

Avoid changing your answers frequently. Generally, first answer is always correct. Regularly changing the answer might prove wrong at the end. This also leads to confusion. Therefore, stick to one answer regularly.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering, taking step backward. Instead of solving complete equation, we just apply value in the equation to see if it solves it.

Move on

Despite of so many attempts, if you are not getting the right answer, switch to the next question. Sticking to just one question will waste your time. Solve other questions and return to this one once you have done all the rest. You can spend the remaining few minutes in solving this question. Later on once you have done filtering, dimension check, you can apply law of probability (as per option 1) and choose one option. Remember, probability is now on your side.

Discard highest and lowest outliers

Outliers mean choices having extreme values. If your test paper has any question which have answers in numerical values, discard the extremes. In 60% cases, the highest and lowest values are not right. So, be very careful while choosing the answer. They have high probability of being wrong. So candidates can safely stay away from this unfamiliar zone.

If you follow these tips then you will surely do better in Physics Section of Question Paper. Practice these tips to make yourself comfortable. These tips will work well for all PMT Exams.

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