Tactics to Improve your Memory & Retain More

It is often said that you can’t learn ‘new things’ in old age, but scientists have proven it ‘inaccurate’. Our brains have tremendous ability to learn and change – even when we are old. Such kind of mental ability is known as Neuroplasticity. A person can develop new neural pathways with some correct stimulation, which could help in adapting and reacting to new stimuli. In this article, I am going to tell you some ways which will improve your memory-retaining abilities in any age.

Retain Memory Tip 1:

Brain workouts:
There are millions of neural paths developed in human brain, which helps in processing, recalling and retaining quickly, till one reaches the age of 22. Humans can solve problems and execute tasks with minimum efforts which are familiar to the individual using these pathways.

But these are not enough to stimulate your memory to register information faster. Brains follow a simple principle of “use it or lose it???. The more you process information, the mind functions better and retains faster, making these kinds of workouts absolutely necessary to keep mind alert and sharp.

Key Elements:

  • Learn something new: Don’t do the workouts which you are familiar with. Always try something new with which your brain is not familiar, which takes you out of your comfort zone. Keep learning and develop new things.
  • Challenge: Such exercises must be the challenging ones which require your complete attention. This exercise ought to be having a lot of mental effort.
  • Level based: these activities must have levels from easy to pro. Keep improving your skills with time so you can increase your capabilities.

Retain Memory Tip 2:

Physical Workouts: Yet, exercising brains is just not enough. Physical exercises are necessary to keep brains sharp as it improves the oxygen supply to the region and decreases the risk of memory loss. Besides, it also increases hormones which are necessary for proper functioning of the brains and decreases the stress-related hormones.

Exercises which involve the pumping of blood are good for brains. For example all sorts of Aerobic exercises are good.
Exercises which need the coordination of hands and eyes are beneficial for brains construction.
Exercise helps in you in getting over with mental stress.

Retain Memory Tip 3:

Avoid Sleep Deprivation: There is huge difference between the amount of sleep that we actually get and the amount that is needed for the best functioning of the brains. Ninety-nine percent of adults need 7-9 hours of sleep everyday day to avoid sleep deprivation. Even skipping a few hours makes a huge difference in its functioning. All the mental capabilities like problem solving, creativity, memory etc; are compromised.

Key elements:

  • Maintain a regular sleeping schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Maintain this schedule even on weekends and holidays.
  • Avoid using phones, laptops or watching television 1 hr before you go to bed. Lights emitted from screen increases wakefulness and holds back hormone Melatonin which makes a person sleepy.
  • You are entirely wrong if you think that caffeine is keeping you up. Even coffee in the morning may hinder your night sleep. If possible, stop the intake of caffeine entirely or reduce it as much as you can.

Retain Memory Tip 4:

Spare some time for friends: Humans are social animal and being social has its benefits for the brains as relationships gives a trigger to your brains. Lots of researches have shown that being social has its own positive impact on the brains. Scientists tell that those who have strong social life has slower rate of memory decline.

Retain Memory Tip 5:

Stay Stress Free: One of the biggest enemies of the brain is stress. Stress de-generates the brains cells responsible for making the new memories or recalling the old ones. Researches also show that memory loss is linked with stress.

Key elements:

  • Take regular break during the daytime
  • Learn to say no if you are not willing to do anything!
  • Express your feelings instead of choking onto them
  • Maintain balance between work and free time
  • Avoid multi-tasking and concentrate on one at a time.

Retain Memory Tip 6:

Laugh as much as you can: Laughter is the best medicine and is greatly applicable when it comes to our memory. Laughter stimulates multiple areas of the brains.

Key Elements:

  • Share your awkward moments and laugh at yourself.
  • When you hear someone laughing, join them and also share your experiences.
  • Spend time with playful people who can laugh at themselves and at absurdity of life. Connect with people who can easily find humor in routine events.
  • Spend time with children as they are most playful.

Retain Memory Tip 7:

Diet for brain: Every machine needs fuel and so does the brain. Fruits, vegetable, lean proteins and whole grains are necessary for only good health, but also to improve memory.

Key elements:

  • Increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Try to limit your calorie intake and saturated fat as research shows that saturated fats increase the risk of dementia.
  • Eat fruits and vegetable which contain antioxidants as they protect brain cells from damage.
    Drink green tea.

Retain Memory Tip 8:


Pay Attention: to remember something you must learn it, to learn something you must encode it into your mind and to encode it you need to pay attention. If you are easily distracted, then find a place where no one is there to interrupt you.

  • Try to co-relate the piece of information with other senses like colour, place, smell etc. Read out loud what you want to remember, it’s better if you can recite it rhythmically.
  • For difficult concepts, try to focus on the basic idea and instead of cramming the isolated piece of information. Explain this concept to some person in your own words.
  • Have another look what you learned during the day and on regular intervals after that.
  • Use mnemonics methods to memorize the things.

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