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Are you not able to decide which topic to start ? Or you have studied hard & want to revise important topics? Here is our analysis of the last year AIPMT, which was conducted twice.

As you know AIPMT Questions are mostly framed from NCERT books (atleast be sure for Biology), it becomes important to know which topic has got maximum weight-age. From the past four-five years CBSE is following the same pattern.From some topics have the maximum number of question comes & some a very few, skipping these important topic or giving emphasis to low weightage topics can land you in trouble. As I have been always suggesting all PMT aspirants to study what is required don’t waste time studying that is not. Studying a lot might increse your knowledge but doesn’t guarantee a seat in PMT.

AIPMT 2016 Exam is expected to be conducted in May, before that students have to give their board exam too. Preparing for your board is also important as question pattern is different. You must score more than 50% & 60% in PCB to be eligible for a seat in AIPMT & AIIMS respectively. This December is crucial for your AIPMT preparation so that you can focus for XII Board Exam from January.

We have analyzed last year AIPMT paper, all three sections Biology, Chemistry & Physics. Thoroughly study these high scoring topics & plan your study according to it.

From the last few years analysis, we have come to a conclusion that the most scoring topics of Biology are:
1) Cell Structure
2) Human Physiology
3) Ecology

These topics are important not only for AIPMT but all other PMT Exams.

Below is the analysis of AIPMT 2015 Biology section:

TOPICS20152015 Re-Exam
Biology in Human Welfare21
Cell Structure1011
Diversity of Life77
Plant Physiology75
Structural Organization of plants55
Animal Kingdom43
Evolution: Theories & Evidences32
Human Health & Disease63
Human Physiology1412
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health45
Structural organisation in Animals12

In Chemistry, Physical Chemistry of Class XI & XII both have always been important & most questions come from these topics. Difficulty level differs each year, when you get moderate to tough Physical Chemistry Questions than Organic Chemistry Questions have a easy to moderate difficulty level, vice versa.

Below is the analysis of AIPMT 2015 Chemistry section:

TOPICS20152015 Re-Exam
Organic Chemistry (XI)74
Organic Chemistry (XII)811
Inorganic Chemistry (XI)32
Inorganic Chemistry (XII)59
Physical Chemistry (XI)1414
Physical Chemistry (XII)85

In Physics, though most questions come from mechanics & Electricity, difficulty level of these topics are also moderate to tough. You must practice questions & invest time to have a clear cut idea over these topic. While Modern Physics & Thermodynamics has good number of questions with easy to moderate level of difficulty. So, if you have less time or find difficulty solving problems than study & memorise formula of these small topics atleast.

Below is the analysis of AIPMT 2015 Physics section:

TOPICS20152015 Re-Exam
Heat & Thermodynamics65
Modern Physics76

Hope these suggestion will help you in your upcoming AIPMT Exam.
Start preparing, work hard & All the best.
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  1. Mahesh 5 years ago

    By reading all this i feels like i hav to study a lot …Bit scary..

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