Scoring More Than 75% in CBSE 12th Exam Made Easy

Not prepared for 12th exam ? Really worried? Parents pressure ?? Was busy preparing for PMT ? Didn’t perform good in 10th & 11th exams ?

Dude please leave these thoughts behind. No matter how you performed in your previous exams, if you follow our instructions, you will definitely score more than 75% in 12th board. Remember 12th board exam is a milestone of your Schooling so don’t take it lightly.

Components For A Better Result

I developed Triple D formula. Triple D are Determination, Dedication & Devotion. This formula works better for a full timer students.


Promise yourself that you will study honestly & your 1st priority should be your Study only.


Avoid every kind of disturbances. Reduce Facebook and Whatsapp or whatever you use on your mobile phone. Trust me you will have so much free time after exams when you wait for college admission you will get tiered of these things.


Remember your only best friend is your study.

As I said earlier this formula works better for full timer as it requires a lot of dedication & being mentally strong. Result will be always nothing less than great in your academic front. You will achieve every success.

Smart Way To Study

(You should better know what you don’t have, study than what you have to. )

Now let’s talk about the Smart way to study i.e. less hard work more marks. A lot of students who go out for coaching like Allen, Akash, Resonance, Career Point, Brilliant, etc. find difficult to adapt to the CBSE board pattern & end up getting less marks or failing. If they fail than nothing can be more disastrous, as failing in Board exam leaves you ineligible for PMT exams & your whole one year goes in vein. Those who did masti till today & are now serious about their exam, should also prepare smartly.

If you be smart & dedicate yourself to your study then 4-5 months are enough to score more than 75%.


1. Study previous years papers

Previous year papers will help you in analysing the pattern in which paper actually comes. Solving these papers will let you know that are you preparing right or not.

This will also help you in getting the important topics which usually come in exam.

Get Previous Year Papers Here

2. Follow the CBSE Class XII Marking Scheme & Blueprint

CBSE officially releases Marking Scheme for each subjects for the exam. Marking Scheme for the last year will tell you how to write answers & what the examiners wants to see in your answer sheet. CBSE also publishes 3 Sets of Blue Print for each subject for 2-3yrs. Blue Print contains chapterwise distribution of marks, from this you can analyse weightage of each chapter. Sample Paper is also included in it, some questions might come directly from these paper. Solving 3 Sets of Sample paper can fetch you 10-15 marks easily, but it all depends on your luck. This is the Smart way to score high with no hard work.

Download CBSE Marking Scheme & Blue Print

3. Solve HOTS of each subject

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) question are very helpful in revising important questions. Here questions are divided on the basis of difficulty. These are prepared by reputed institutions for their students. Solving these questions will fetch you better score in CBSE 12th Board Exam. This is another Smart way to study.

Download Physics/chemistry/Biology Hots:

4. Use good hand writing in Exam and maintain neatness

Having a good handwriting is always a plus point in board exams. Good handwriting will make the checker to give good marks.

And if you don’t have a good handwriting! Dude you should start practicing today itself, because it would help you in getting 2-3 marks extra in every subject Which means (2×5=10) by this you can get at least 2% extra in result.

5. Try to provide diagrams wherever possible.

It gives a good impression on the examiner and hence more marks. yippee!

6. No matter what Always Follow the Word Limit

Examiners have to check so many papers so they don’t read whole paragraphs of your story so try to write answers in the form of Points.

If you write answer in the form of paragraph so underline the key points with pencil.

* never use coloured pens in board exams. Use only blue and black pens.

7. Time management

First solve the questions which you know completely. Time management is also one of the most important factor. So do not waste time during writing in the exam, if you know a topic very well and a question from that comes in 1 mark type question so only write 30-50 word that is more than enough, don’t waste time in showing your knowledge by writing a full page.

Hope it helps in your upcoming Board exam. Start preparing from today, don’t wait for tomorrow.
All the best.

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  1. Jeet pathak 6 years ago

    If I got 75% in boards in CBSE and I belong to general category then how much marks I need in AIPMT 2016 to get admission in MBBS

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