NEET UG 2016: Government Considering Deferring NEET for One Year

The NEET drama is not over yet, some more drama will come up today but this time by the Central Government. We have already seen drama by Private Colleges in 2013, Supreme Court in 2013, State Government since 2012 till today ( from 2012 their one year is not over yet) & now the Central Government which was left out in the whole scene. After Supreme Court ordered to implement NEET from the current session for all MBBS & BDS courses, some vested interest people can’t digest it.

Current developments also makes me think that the Government was not favour of NEET, it was MCI (Medical Council of India) which introduced concept of NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) in 2012 and was working hard to implement it. Giving credit to Government will be just a political show off. I also doubt the intension behind exempting states is to exempt Private colleges too (real motive). You very well know that private colleges MBBS seats are booked a year in advance by mafias, so they are trying their best not to loose their black money.

Recently an article was published in newspaper which said that about 80 ministers have stake in Private colleges, these numbers are enough to stop NEET through ordinance. If you don’t know the concept of ordinance let’s clear it. In the Democratic country like us there are three wings Executive, legislative & Judiciary. Supreme Court comes under Judiciary, whenever an order is passed by judiciary, the executive (which is the elected Government ) can pass ordinance to cancel the Judiciary order if they find it suitable. Although any public can still move to court against that ordinance.

Recently, there was meeting between Health minister J P Nadda & representatives of state on the NEET issue, in which states concern were discussed. Most of the States seem to be favouring NEET but not all.

Today, meeting among the ministers headed by Arun Jaitley & J P Nadda is to be held at about 10 am & Government stand on ordinance for NEET will be clear. We will keep following the development on this issue & will update here only, visit again for update.


  • Meeting is over & Govt. has decided to pass ordinance against Supreme Court 9th May judgement to defer NEET for one year for states. More details will be out soon



  • Union Cabinet has approved the Ordinance for stalling the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to M.B.B.S. and B.D.S. courses in India for a period one year i.e. for current year. This is a severe jolt to reforms the medical education. The people are crying for reforms in this sector. Govt. rather than taking any positive and proactive steps for bringing about much needed reforms is doing things to stall the reforms.
  • Sankalp Charitable Trust which has filed the Public Interest Litigation by Writ Petition No. (C) 261 of 2016 in the Hon’ble Supreme Court on 26.4.2016 for implementation of NEET after the decision of five Judges of the Supreme Court on 11.4.2016 lifting the veil on NEET Regulation by setting aside the previous judgment of Supreme Court on 18.7.2013 is committed and determined to challenge any attempt by Govt. or private body to stall the NEET from this year. Sankalp shall challenge the Ordinance before the Hon’ble Supreme Court as soon as the Ordinance is published. We have already requested our Advocate
    Shri Amit Kumar to prepare the draft petition and file the petition before Supreme Court as soon as the Ordinance is notified.
  • Proposed Ordinance is against the constitutional provisions. It is
    encroachment on the power of Judiciary. The Executive cannot sit as an appellate authority over the Judiciary. It cannot set aside the order of Supreme Court in this manner. The move is anti student, anti reforms in medical field and it will bring down the standard of medical education in India. This move will help the vested interest and would only promote corruption and black money in medical education. In the form of capitation fee. It will also increase cost of health for common man as the doctors who have taken admission on the basis of capitation fee would recover the same from poor patients only.
  • Sankalp is committed to break the chain of pay and recover in the medical profession. The pleas that syllabus, regional language etc. are all false and baseless plea to stall the NEET on one ground or the other. All these issues were argued before the Hon’ble Supreme Court for about 15 days from 27th April to 9th May, 2016 on almost day to day basis. and three Judges Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court after going through the issue in depth rejected all such plea. We condemn this move and appeal to all that they should rise against the proposed Ordinance which is against the medical reforms and it hurts the common man.
  • Let’s clear you again that NEET PHASE II is not cancelled, only some states will likely not participate in NEET. Details about states will come out soon.
  • Also Expert’s opinion is that this ordinance is likely to be rejected by Supreme Court. Since earlier Union of India agreed for NEET in written before court & now suddenly it can’t change its decision like this.
  • We will update latest development on NEET. Keep visiting us for genuine updates.

UPDATE [24 may]:

  • President Pranab Mukherjee signs Ordinance by BJP Government to defer NEET for states by one year. So, States not interested in NEET Phase 2 can skip for this year.
  • Yesterday, Health Minister J P Nadda went to meet President and briefed him the whole situation of NEET.
  • This Ordinance can be challenged in Supreme Court that will take another rounds of hearing. So few more days to go before everything gets clear for NEET.
  • All these happenings won’t cancel NEET PHASE II. It will be conducted for sure, so prepare yourself.

Bookmark this page & come back again for latest updates on NEET ordinance. Comment your view or query below.


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