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Let me brief myself first, I appeared in AIPMT 2012 ( Central Government deferred NEET for a year then ), was not satisfied with my results, dropped one year & appeared again in NEET 2013 ( Supreme Court made it voluntary). Cracked AIIMS Entrance Exam & got admission in AIIMS, Patna. Now, I am a MBBS Student & since then I am following all entrance exams & regularly updating medical aspiring candidates. Last year we were first to publish information about AIPMT leak & proceedings of the Supreme Court on web. All these I am telling before beginning our actual matter coz I don’t want to hear from you readers, are you really sure of it & how can you say that, kind of queries & questions. I have followed all the happening of NEET from start till now. All our updates for this year NEET is below.


To begin with let me ask you simple questions. Do you know when NEET came into existence ? Do you think all these hassle about NEET is happening for the first time ??
To me all these happenings between Supreme court, Central Government, State Government & Private Colleges seems not anything unusual.
NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) came into existence, when The Gazette of India dated 27th December 2010 was published by MCI (Medical council of India), it was about amendments to the “Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997” and called the new amendment as “Regulations on Graduate Medical Education (Amendment), 2010(Part-II)”.
The amendment was basically for introduction of single entrance exam for admission to MBBS courses i.e. NEET, its qualification & Eligibility criteria. It also gave control of NEET to MCI.


NEET 2012, a step away from reality:

Everything was set, rules & regulations for NEET was ready, MCI was prepared. But Private lobby & States had issues with NEET. Questions raised were less time for preparation, Syllabus, reservations & encroachment on private college independency to conducted their own exam. The issue raised were obvious, I was to appear for exam & thought it as injustice to me but was surely ready for next year NEET 2013. Central Government was under pressure from States, Private lobby & students as well.

Supreme court in March 2011 had cleared the deck for the Centre and the Medical Council of India (MCI) to hold a common entrance test for the MBBS and PG courses despite objections raised by some state governments and first among them was Tamil Nadu.
The Ministry’s application read as follows: “The conduct of Under Graduate National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (UG-NEET) is a Herculean task which requires great deal of preparation and for paucity of time it is practically impossible to resolve the issues raised by various State Governments and hold the UG- NEET in 2012.??? The application cited the various objections raised by States, for instance, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa willing to join the national test from 2013-14, Andhra Pradesh seeking an exemption of two years, Kerala demanding its reservation policies to be kept intact, Assam disputing with criteria for minimum marks, West Bengal for inclusion of Bengali language as a medium for conduct of the said examination and Puducherry wanting exemption from the NEET.

Central Government was under pressure, it moved to the Supreme court to defer NEET for one year.


16th December, 2011: Central Govt. faced ire from SC:

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had moved an application seeking court’s order in this regard saying that some state governments have expressed reservation to switch over to the new system and wanted students to get acquainted with the syllabus prescribed by the Medical Council of India .

“Either we will reject your application or you withdraw your application. Whatever you want to do you can do but we are not going to be party to your decision,” a Supreme Court bench comprising justices H L Dattu and C K Prasad said.

“All this order (for the single entrance test) was passed after hearing you (centre). You said draft rules and regulations were in place for implementing it in the academic year 2012-13,” the bench said.

“This court will not be a party (to your decision). We will not be party to all these regulations. Why will we be party to it (for deferring the CEE). Why are you bringing this court in this matter. You better start and withdraw this application,” the bench said.

In January 2012, CBSE Press release states:

“As per per communication received from Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Government of India regarding seeking permission from the Hon’ble Supreme Court to allow introduction of NEET for Under Graduate Medical Courses from the academic year 2013-14 instead of 2012-13, the Central Board of Secondary Education would now conduct the All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Examination only for the 15% alk india qouta seats”.


Introduction of Percentile (2012 amendment)

On 27th February, 2012 The Gazette of India was published which made changes to earlier “Regulation on Graduate Medical Education (Amendment), 2010 (Part II)” and called it “Regulation on Graduate Medical Education (Amendment), 2012 (Part I)”. It also stated that it will be applicable from the academic year commencing from 2013-14.

The amendment was to change percentage criteria to for MBBS admissions to percentile. It states:
“In order to be eligible for admission to MBBS courses for a particular academic year, it shall be necessary for candidate to obtain minimum of marks at 50th percentile in ‘National Eligibility cum Entrance Test to MBBS course’ held for the said academic year. However, in respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, the minimum marks shall be at 40th percentile. In respect of the candidates with locomotory disability of lower limbs terms of Clause 4(3) above, the minimum marks shall be at 45th percentile. The percentile shall be determined on the basis of highest marks secured in the All India common merit list in ‘National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for admission to MBBS course’:
Provided when sufficient number of candidates in the respective categories fail to secure minimum marks as prescribed in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test held for any academic year for admission to MBBS course, the Central Government in consultation with Medical Council of India may at its discretion lower the minimum marks required for admission to MBBS course for candidates belonging to respective categories and marks so lowered by the Central Government shall be applicable for the said academic year only.”


NEET 2013, power of Private lobby:

All the medical aspiring candidates like me is preparing for NEET 2013, as notified earlier. But the how can the devil “Private lobby/vested interest” can make it happen. Their account are full of money which they looted for soo long, it was time to spent few of these money (I guess 0.1% of their loot turnover was enough for this). Petition after petition is filled in supreme court, they hired top senior advocates (poor guys, I won’t name them as it was their job & they did it for money) to fight in different courts against MCI decision. All the States high court were hearing similar cases (shear waste of time, already our Judiciary is full of pending cases). Matter came to Hon’ble Supreme court. Supreme Court ordered to transfer pending similar cases to Supreme Court.
About 115 Transfered cases and writ petitions were submitted. SC order dated 13th Dec. 2012 reads:
“In all the matters where transfer has not yet been completed, those transfer petitions shall stand allowed and all the petitions, pending in the various courts, should be transferred to this Court by 15th January, 2013, and be treated as Transferred cases and be listed along with these Transferred cases and the writ petitions.”

After several hearings the Court hasn’t come to a conclusion. In the mean time they allowed NEET 2013 to be conducted along with other private college entrance exams but didn’t allow to declare result till final order.


Supreme court summer vacation & Private lobby strategy:

“The hearing could not be concluded within 17th January, 2013, as we had hoped, on account of the enlargement of the scope of the hearing and the large number of parties who had to be heard in the matter. In fact, the matters were last heard on 30th April, 2013, and it has, therefore, not been possible to pronounce judgment before the Supreme Court closed for the summer vacations on 10th May, 2013.”

Now, Private Colleges wanted to publish their entrance exam result, a step forward. They excused that if there is delay in admission process then the hospitals would run out of doctors who take care of it & academic session would also be delayed. Thier excuse worked and SC granted them permission to display result, excerpt from the order states:

“Although, initially, we had declined to entertain such prayer, on account of the delay in completion of the hearing and the prospect of the students losing a year on account thereof, we feel that students hoping to gain admission in the MBBS as well as Post-Graduate courses on the strength of the results of the examinations, which have already been held and for which they had appeared, should not be denied such opportunity, at least for this year. We are also alive to the fact that it is the Post-Graduate students in the medical colleges, who take charge of the medical treatment of patients in the hospitals. Without fresh entrants into the Post-Graduate courses, even for a year, the hospitals are likely to be adversely affected on account of lack of doctors to directly take care of the patients in the hospitals.”
“Apart from the above, the students, who aspire to gain entry into the medical colleges at the MBBS and BDS and the Post-Graduate levels, have been caught in the legal tangle for no fault of theirs and are the victims of policy decisions. In order to safeguard their interests, as also the interest of the hospitals, we consider it just and equitable to lift the bar imposed by us on 13th December, 2012, for this year’s entrance examinations and, to that extent, we modify our order of 13th December, 2012, and allow the results of the examinations already conducted to be declared to enable the students to take advantage of the same for the current year. -Order dated 13th may,2013.

Their strategy to gain sympathy worked. They succeded in their previous two steps (conducting exam and declaring result). Their next step was to keep themselves out of NEET.

NEET 2013, victory of Private lobby:


All the hearing were made by three bench Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir, Justice Vikramajit Sen and Justice Anil R Dave. 18th July, 2013 was last working for Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir (just for fun, he thought to secure his pention from Private lobby). Justice Anil R Dave is one among the three member bench which passed order to implement NEET this year.

On 18th July,2013 the three-judge bench by a 2:1 verdict held that the MCI notification was ultra vires of the Constitution. The majority verdict by Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir and Justice Vikramajit Sen said that MCI is not empowered to prescribe all India medical entrance tests.The bench said that the MCI notification was in violation of Articles 19, 25, 26, 29 and 30 of the Constitution. While Justice Anil R Dave was in favour of NEET,“Holding of National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is legal, practical and is the need of the society. Hence, I have dissented”.

So, the loot continues till 2015.


NEET 2016, Stronger MCI but week Government:

In the past few years, MCI did his homework to present stronger case before Supreme Court to review its earlier decision. Government also made changes to the constitution to empower MCI to hold NEET. The Supreme Court bench comprising of Justice Anil R Dave, Justice Shiva Kirti Singh & Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel was favoured NEET. AIPMT 2016 was already scheduled but after a writ Petition from Sankalp Charitable Trust, on 28th April, MCI was asked to conduct NEET from 2016 which MCI & CBSE agreed conduct. we already published all the updates & developments of NEET 2016. Here they are:

April 11, 2016NEET UG 2017: MCI Files Review Petition for NEET, SC Agrees for ReviewCLICK HERE
April 27, 2016NEET UG 2016: Supreme Court Adjourned Hearing for TomorrowCLICK HERE
April 28, 2016NEET UG 2016: CBSE Proposes Schedule for NEET, to be Held in Two Phases.CLICK HERE
May 1,2016 HERE
May 5, 2016NEET UG 2016: Phase I Students Allowed to Appear in Phase IICLICK HERE
May 16, 2016NEET-UG 2016: Government Meeting With the StatesCLICK HERE
May 20, 2016NEET UG 2016: Government Considering Deferring NEET for One YearCLICK HERE


States excuse is that NEET syllabus is based on NCERT so it will favour CBSE students. States said the same in 2011-12, so MCI drafted a syllabus which was made NCERT and placed it on this website on 22nd July, 2011. They asked for feedbacks from all states and individual from 22nd July to 11th August, 2011. As of midnight of the deadline, 1,970 feedbacks were received. Of these, 171 were junk mail or were not related to NEET-UG. There were representations from all over the country from several states. The feedbacks (n=1799) were examined and summarized as follows:

After review of various State syllabi as well as those prepared by CBSE, NCERT and COBSE proposed a final core syllabus for NEET. “This is to establish a uniformity across the country keeping in view the relevance of different areas in medical education.” it stated. Even after sorting things back in 2012, again after four year gap if some states & politicians are raising the same question, then according to me, either they are unaware of the facts or just want to politicise the matter or they are creating way for the “vested interest” to keep them out of NEET.

Most (90%) questioned why human physiology and some portions of plant physiology were missing from the syllabus. Rest suggested to reduce the topics of chemistry and physics that are not relevant to medical stream.

Timing31.80%Suggested that because of very short time for preparation, the NEET-UG exam should be conducted beginning from 2013 or beyond
Language13.90Suggested that as per usual practice of State CET exam, the paper should be in regional language as about 30-40% study 10+2 in local language medium. In this category, more 81.6% were from State of Gujarat and rest from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal.
Miscellaneous16.54Feedbacks were related to the following:

  • Agreed with the syllabus and indicated that it was correct to exclude human physiology as it is not dealt extensively in state level syllabii.
  • Requested for paper structure and weightage for topics in each subject
  • Requested reading material as per the syllabus to enable better preparation.

After review of various State syllabi as well as those prepared by CBSE, NCERT and COBSE proposed a final core syllabus for NEET. “This is to establish a uniformity across the country keeping in view the relevance of different areas in medical education.” it stated. Even after sorting things back in 2012, again after four year gap if some states & politicians are raising the same question, then according to me, either they are unaware of the facts or just want to politicise the matter or they are creating way for the “vested interest” to keep them out of NEET.

CLICK HERE to see Full NEET Syllabus.


Another concern of the states in 2011-12 was that States didn’t had proper books and syllabus for preparation. In 2013 when NEET was scheduled, Gujarat State Education Board published different book for preparation of thier state students for NEET. Sates like Maharashtra and others use to broadcast courses for NEET preparation on Doordarshan. 4yrs have passed from then and all states now have syllabus on par with NCERT. States claiming that thier syllabus is not similar to NCERT, is a absolute lie. we have confirmed by looking at the state books of Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Telangana. Other states don’t have syllabus issue.

Gujarat state textbook, excerpt from About this Textbook:
“This textbook is on the syllabi based on the course of National Curriculam Framework (NCF), core-curriculum and National Council of Educational Research and Training and has been sanctioned by the state in view of the National Education Policy.”
Maharashtra state textbook, excerpt from Preface:
“Maharashtra state Board of Secondary and Secondary Hiigher Education has accepted the challenge for preparing books in accordance with upgraded syllabus. This textbook is prepared with the motive that students of Maharashtra will be competent enough to meet challenges of academic and professionl courses on national level.”

On language issue, MCI has already notified that NEET will be conducted in seven ( Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi and Urdu) vernacular languages. But it should be noted that for NEET and MCI guidelines students need to be passed in English apart from PCB. Medical education is based on english so excuse for language is baseless.

Supreme Court and Government Ordinance:

    • About 200 Advocates are involved in this case.
    • All issues of states and private bodies were argued before the Hon’ble Supreme Court for about 15 days from 27th April to 9th May, 2016 on almost day to day basis. and three Judges Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court after going through the issue in depth rejected all such plea.
    • On 20th May, Union Cabinet has approved the Ordinance to exempt states from National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to M.B.B.S. and B.D.S. courses in India for a period one year i.e. for current year.
    • Ordinance has been sent to the President for signature. President is analysing the issue & asked for expert help. J P Nadda will meet him on this issue today.
    • J P Nadda said that NEET Phase II will take place excluding states. I think that if states are excluded then its not NEET its AIPMT only.
    • States already participating in AIPMT will continue to participate in NEET even if ordinance is passed. Bihar will also likely participate in NEET(un-official).

    All the information provided here are from official documents and if you have any query or question in your mind, whatsapp us at +91-9155974886.

    The excuses which were made in 2012-13 are being made again this year by states,loop. They just want to stall NEET. This time center passing ordinance is very unfortunate. If you think artical has given you better insight into NEET issue, hit LIKE below & share & comment below.


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