Medical entrance exams last hour preparation tips


1.Stop reading new material now and stay on your knowledge.

2.Don’t confuse between New launching test series or end month courses of different coaching institutes emerging like mushrooms these days.

3.Stay on what you have done till now and keep revising it.

4.Go through your theory a bit faster like 2 or 3 topics per day.

5. Stop involving yourself in various discussions about your preparation on social networking sites because they can depress you a lot.

6.Mainly concentrate on ncert books specially in biology and inorganic chemistry.

7.Go through every line and diagrams of biology ncert because about 100% questions in AIPMT/AIIMS are based upon it and maximum from those are direct from the book.

8.Have some look at the ncert exampler in physics and chemistry to clear your misconception.

9. Go through the old year papers at least 1 a day and try to attempt it in half hour before the time given.

10. Have a look on your previous test papers and try to identify your mistakes.

11. For last 10 days revision,go through Rahul Chawla’s handbook of biology which will help u a lot in last time.
Hand Book of Biology

12. Believe in yourself.


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