Confusion about AIPMT 2015 Re-conduct

supreme courtLot of news about re-conduct of AIPMT 2015 is making headlines on different websites. Students are in delima that they should prepare again for re-exam or not.

News of AIPMT 2015 re-conduct are fake, don’t believe till any official notice comes. Case against CBSE has been registered in Supreme Court for re-conduct, since  AIPMT Paper is believed to be out before exam. Court has not passed any order till now. CBSE has earlier released a Press Release on its official site which states that it pertains to use of unfair means & attemt to cheat.
Investigation is also going on in this regard.

If you think paper was out & its injustice to you, then raise your voice for re-conduct of exam. But for now, CBSE has NO plan of Re-Conducting AIPMT 2015. Re-Conducte of exam will only happen when Supreme Court passes order for Re-Conduct.

Any News Of Re-Conduct of AIPMT 2015 will be released on  AIPMT OFFICIAL SITE   & also, we will post the same on our site. Till then don’t Believe in rumors & concentrate for your upcoming PMT Exams.

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In our yesterday post We asked for your views on Re-exam of AIPMT 2015, results in percentage are as follows:-

1) Favour of Re-exam   = 100%
2) Don’t favour                = 0%
3) Can’t say anything    = 0%

 Conclusion: Most students are in favour of Re-Exam.




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