Calculating CGPA, CBSE Class 10 result On 25th May


CBSE class 10 result will be published on 25th may. Candidates can check their result by Clicking here(Coming soon)

About CBSE Class 10 Examination 2015:-
* Over 13 lakh students registered.
*  5,55,912 are Girls.
* 14,047 Schools participated in this exam.
* 3,537 exam centres.

How to Calculate CGPA?

The candidates of Class 10 Board exams will get their scores in CGPA. Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) is the average of the grade points achieved in all the subjects (excluding additional 6th subject) as per Scheme of Studies.

In order to calculate the scores, the candidates can check the example shown below:
Eg, Grade Points for 5 subjects is:
Subject 1: 9
Subject 2: 8
subject 3: 7
Subject 4: 10
Subject 5: 9

Step 1: Add the grade points of all the five subjects: 9+8+7+10+9= 43
Step 2: Divide the total by 5: 43/5= 8.6
Overall CGPA=8.6
Step 3: Multiply by 9.5 i.e. 9.5*8.6= 81.7 per cent (overall percentage)

For subject-wise percentage, multiply 9.5 with the Grade Points of that particular subject.


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