All News of NEET UG in 2016 are Rumours, Prepare for AIPMT 2016

This Article was published in october, 2015. For latest Update on NEET UG visit our blog Click Here

Lot of news of NEET UG in 2016 is floating among students many are believing in it. The news of NEET UG in 2016 is rumour don’t believe in it start preparing for AIPMT 2016. We have confirmed it, as CBSE has sent letters to Universities asking them to submit names of Observers for AIPMT 2016.

Don’t waste time searching for news about it, those are just rumors no judgement has been passed for NEET UG. In 2012 lot of news floated that NEET UG is going to happen but finally AIPMT happened that year. In 2013 NEET UG was conducted but before publishing of result, Supreme Court passed order that NEET UG is not voluntary interested states/institutes can only participate. So there was lot of hocchh-poccchh. The reason is private institutions are not interested in Common entrance test, as they get lot of money from management quota seats. There are also regional dispute against language of paper.

Coaching institutions are also floating this rumor as they want NEET UG so that they can publish/advertise increased selection numbers.
Latest Update [20th May 2016],Government passes ordinance against NEET

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Latest Update: No NEET-UG OR Pre-Mains

So, be ready to face AIPMT 2016.

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  1. kusum.singh 6 years ago

    Mai docter banna chahati hu .please mujhe sported kigiye

  2. Mithila Biranware 6 years ago

    plzz help me I am really confused…….actually I just passed my ssc cbse with 96.8% and took admissions in wankhede madams academy,Nagpur and I have to take admission in state board college(for 0% attendence).And from the day NEET has been made compulsary Iam regretting my decision..although they will teach cbse course for NEET bt still …iam feeling horrible Afterall this is the question of my career…..plzz rply me ……

  3. #### 6 years ago

    since all if us knw….that we cant hav only d advantage of evrythng…if we r ready to utilise d advantage we shud b ready to meet d disadvantages too for d same…it is true dat state pmts r really imp…bt we cant ignore d xtent to wich d undeservd students also get admissions in colleges while the meritorious eventually lag behind…dese college administrative dnt understand dat dey r playin wid our future…so neet should be undertaken…so dat only d one who deserves, gets d bst….we support neet…..

  4. Reader 6 years ago

    Sir i applied for JIPMER 2016 and also i would like to attend neet phase 2.jipmer exam will be cancelled or should i prepare for both pls reply

  5. Karrik ngomdir 6 years ago

    Sir, plz tell me wheather JIPMER is included in neet 2016 or we hve to apply for it separately

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      JIPMER & AIIMS are not under MCI… so they will have separate exam

  6. BARNEY STINSON 6 years ago

    At Least RESPECTED ‘PMT CORNER’ and it’s COMMENT MODERATORS being a respectable organisation for the welfare of people, PLEASE WAKE UP !!!

    Even you have children, your such an Honourable and Respected ORGANISATION’S AIM AND EVEN YOUR AIM is to take up causes like this !

    Just by Reading my Comment or Posting it won’t do any Good Deed ! Please help us and you will receive ‘LAKHS OF BLESSINGS’ !!!


    Its unfair for everyone, whether for NEET-1 students or those candidates above 25 years who had solely prepared on Private College Exams Pattern and have even cleared their exams and got their scores like Manipal !! Not all 5 fingers are same ! Not all Private Colleges are same ! Manipal is such a College which declares the scores there and then, so Transparent it is !

    Already there is Quota system which is so unfair for General Students ! Even with such low scores they easily get admission !! Please have some Mercy on us !! It really is an EXTREMELY WRONG TIMING, which can be seen in the COMMENTS or VOICES of LAKHS of STUDENTS !! Please hear our Voices ! Enough is Enough !!! Please SC stop this Mental Torture & Mental Harassment !! Please stop playing with future of Lakhs of Students !!

    We can’t concentrate on our studies with so much stress and burden, even other exams will also not go well !!!

    • rahul sharma 6 years ago


      OUR HR JUDGE IS thinking himself as a GOD. DOING what ever they wants.. playing nasty game.. if he have already decided not 2 change the descision then why they have asked MCI AND CENTERS TO GIVE THEIR OPENION …

      I just cant understand when MCI AND CENTERS HAVE NO PROBLEM altest for this this… as last chance.. for states.. what is the Problem of the court to allow it.. what is the need of negociation.. why they r playing like this..

      Am trying for more then 3 yrs.. last yr 2015 inspist of scouring good marks in aipmt.. they hav canceled the exam.. And again this yr SAME SAME THINGS THEY R DOING .. WHY THEY TAKE DESCISION JUST BEFORE THE EXAM.. WHY NOT MONTH ERALIER..

      we students r suffering tooo much.. altest 1 chance we r asking … why why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… plzz do MERCY on us.. and Allow only for last time.. Atlest those states which have already taken the exam for medical plzzzzz allow them .. SIR PLZZZZZZ.. :'( :'( :'(

  7. Sujitbhongle 6 years ago

    When will be the phase 2 of n
    eet be conducted ?

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      NEET Phase II will be conducted on 24th July 2016… Registration process will start soon.

  8. Meghna 6 years ago

    Sir i want to know hor nri admissions for mbbs will happen this year?
    Based on neet or 12th results?

  9. sarita Agrawal 6 years ago

    it is injustice to those student who appear NEET 1 by giving such foolish decision that students who appear NEET 1cant appear NEET 2 SC shows ki hamare pass sabhi padhe likhe anpadh hai jinke hath mai iss desh ka bhavishya hai .

  10. SRISHTI 6 years ago

    i have filled aipmt 2016 form but i hv not attempt this. can i apply for neet phase second in 24 july?

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      As per current instruction, you can’t…. But if Phase 2 is conducted for all then you can.

  11. priya 6 years ago

    Sir plz tel me dat wil cpmt 2016 exam be held on 17th of may?? M really confuzed about this due to all d process if neet.. Its urgent sir.. I wud b highly obliged

  12. adfar 6 years ago

    sir I want to know the level of difficulties in neet exam would it be more standard than aipmt .also I wanna know if there would be any negative marking in the paper or not?

  13. Chetak kumar 6 years ago

    It is very unfortunate to make such difference in neet phase 1 and phase 2 …in that country where we hv right of equality.please place a common date for all students.

  14. Prasanna Kumar rout 6 years ago

    Sc has verdicted a single entrance…but is it single entrance for the yr 2016…how could we give so much of indifference for both phase…this is ridicilous…u have got the power, so just misutilising it.but god won’t forgive u.make it equal for all students…phase 2of neet must be attended by all..

    • manpreet 6 years ago

      NEET phase I must me cancelled rather,,, we aren’t against neet but 2 days for preparation is so discouraging . This I completely unfair regarding the time gap plus more of the students were focussing on state pmt’s. A commeon reexam must be held on 24 july . It could be a bit compensating.

  15. khushboo Modi. 6 years ago

    Please stop NEET for this year because many students have no time for preparation

  16. viraj 6 years ago

    are they going to give bio paper in k-cet(karnataka

  17. sana 6 years ago

    what a stupid article !! it is now on news that and it has been strictly confirmed thatNEET is going to be implemented this year onwards
    please dont publish things u have no idea abt

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      This post is of october 2015…when there was rumors of NEET…Latter AIPMT registration started. So don’t match it with the current news… We have already notified above.

  18. RAJA DANGAR 6 years ago

    Neet should not be apply till 2018.

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      So did the people said in 2013 to conduct from 2014…now how can you say the same…. Some day it has to be implemented.

  19. Fatima 6 years ago

    Sir plse reply sir I filled Punjab pmt this year so there is any chance of refund of fees sir one more question those student who prepare for aipmt not for neet bcz neet difficulty level is very high syllabus and paper pattern is same as aipmt and also difficulty level

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      Please contact helpline for refund of fee & maximum possibility is that NEET Phase 1 will have easy to moderate level of difficulty as it was in NEET 2013. Even some state pmt paper are harder than AIPMT

  20. Innayah 6 years ago

    This z going to create a lot of problems for non-CBSE Students…there is a hell of difference b/w the syllabi of the state boards and the CBSE… the exam pattern z also different for every state level PMT… this decision is quite unjust… our career has been put on stake…the difficulty level has increased…God be with us… huh

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      According to me, NEET will have easy to moderate level of difficulty as it was in NEET 2013

  21. shalini dhandapani 6 years ago

    dont conduct NEET because many students suffer by this all students lose a oppurtunity to get seat in their states so please i kkindly request on behalf of all students not to conduct neet exam any time any year also please

  22. Ajay 6 years ago

    sir,is neet going to operate from this year or not.if it is conducted then what about other tests that I have filled like IPU cet,Punjab pmt,etc and if neet is held this year then is we are eligible for giving both neet 1 and neet 2.sir plz…….reply.thanks

  23. Daddy ji 6 years ago

    Dude decide amongst yourselves & then publish. Phle khte ho neet hai , fir khte ho rumor hai …chahte kya ho???

  24. Manisha 6 years ago

    Can we skip the May 1 st exam and attend the exam conducted on 27th May since we are from state board?

  25. Sathya 6 years ago

    Dear Sir NEET cannot be a point of fear if it follows the following procedures.
    1) Prepares a seperate merit list for each state to be utilised for allocation and allotment under state quota as per present norms.
    2) A national merit list for National quota of 15% in the respective government/aided medical colleges.
    3) All private Medical colleges shall strictly follow the merit list of NEET if any candidate wishes to take admission in such colleges. The selection shall clearly indicate the annual fee and binding on both parties (including any other college fee charged by such private Med col. clearly stating fee for all the years of course). The college management shall be held responsible (by name and person including Dean, Director, Principal) if the merit of NEET denied to any candidate willing to take admission understanding the financial implications.
    Lastly but not the least The NEET will bring a uniformity in science education as well as a fair competancy over the period, which intern talent pool only can serve the society.

  26. sumathi 6 years ago

    will aipmt be conducted in 2 stages in 2017?what will be the pattern

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      In 2013 NEET was conducted as a single entrance exam. So most likely in 2017 if conducted will have a single exam not in two stages. Its similar to current AIPMT.

  27. G G 6 years ago

    guys take a look at date of the above letter, it was given long ago supreme court’s order to conduct NEET. Let’s pray for Neet this year itself. let only the clever may be qualified and not the rich

  28. sarita Mishra 6 years ago

    Is this year AIPMT or NEET exam ?

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      Not this year… Most likely from 2017, but can’t confirm yet as the matter is in court.

  29. uk 6 years ago

    NEET should be conducted as chances are easier for getting a seat somewhere in India

  30. Mishra Betu 6 years ago

    pls inform us sir…. NEET should not be implemented again….. bcoz by doing this state medical students will suffer a lot…. I mean to say that multiple exams of state govt and private colleges are far more better than neet and if a student fail to crack this NEET then there will be no option and the year will be wasted….. another thing is that the syllabus differ in state by state…… cbse syllabus is not in every state.. . which will create hurdle in state students….. so in 2016 there should be AIPMT and state govt and private medical colleges and deemed universities should conduct there own exam and cet as usual in 2016 also……. and in the subsequent academic years…….
    Sir so its my heartily request that NEET SHOULD NOT BE IMPLEMENTED AGAIN….

    • Neet 6 years ago

      Neet is easier than aipmt.So now it is neet only which will provide yu ample of seats.So welcome neet with full of enthusiasm and hopes.Good luck for neet 2016

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