NEET-UG 2017 Preparation Tips For Last 30 Days

NEET 2017 is going to be conducted on 7th May, only few months are left to wrap up your preparation. Students giving 12th board exam will have one month left to get ready for NEET-UG. Droppers are expected to have completed their preparation. Now this April becomes a crucial for your preparation as you need to test yourself before exam & correct your mistakes so that you don’t make any silly mistakes in NEET-UG. Most students come after exam & say, they made silly mistakes, if you start correcting yourself from now then I believe  you have high chances of getting into  merit list. To do so you need  to follow proper test pattern & test materials.

I was a average student not a regular studying nerd but with proper study material, planning, focus & guidance was able to crack AIIMS entrance, if not top it.

Every topper or my friends who are in AIIMS says they practiced too many questions before exam. So familiarizing  to different kind of question is key to success as it exposes your weakness & understanding of the topic. By now most of you have already solved previous year papers and exposed yourself to the pattern & difficulty level. In NEET questions are mostly basic questions with moderate level of difficulty, what makes it difficult is the silly mistakes like:

  • not reading question carefully.
  • sometimes not paying attention to all four options.
  • bubbling mistakes in answer sheet.
  • Time management error.

These mistakes are common & we are going to discuss in detail about how to overcome these mistakes.


Lets begin first with the planning for the last month, today is 26th march from now you have 35 days left out, you might be giving some entrance exams in this 35 days that means you have to have completed your preparation by now. In this post I believe that you are free in the next month, not giving any other entrance exam before AIPMT otherwise you should stop reading this rather concentrate for your upcoming exams.

No facebook, GF/BF, T20 or any other stuff that kills your time.

If you are reading this then I guess you want to crack NEET, so be serious about it coz being one among thousands is not an easy job. Scrolling up & down FB pages & profiles is not going to help you achieve your dream its only going to kill your time. Every second is important for you, utilize it carefully. None of your friends or BF/GF are going to help you shape your career you got do it yourself, so be a little selfish & think about yourself rather than others. No friendship is going to last forever everybody is about to move to some other place or college, ones who utilizes current time properly is going to have a better future. So start focusing on your dreams & work hard to make it real.

Focus on NEET 2017

Your goal is to crack NEET think of it day & night. Try to create a better environment for your study. Move away from anything that causes distraction. Coaching must be over by now, now its time for your self-study. Confine yourself to your room & study table. If you have a bad sleeping habit then stop sleeping for more than 6-7 hours, that’s sufficient. Its always a good & healthy habit to sleep at night & be awake in the day. Most of you like me, are awake at night & sleep in the day that’s  really a bad habit if you can correct it then do it otherwise do as usual coz changing pattern of your sleep right now  can hamper your  study, so do it after exams are over.

Duration of study:

If you have been a regular guy then you must be relaxed & continue your study as usual. For others, you need to have atleast 10 hours of divided study not continuous. Only a month of effort is required, push it hard otherwise another year will be required & you will fall short of a year that is going to pain you in the future. So plan this 10 hours of study carefully & execute it fully, not just plan it. Don’t study for more than 2-3hours continuously have a break & refreshment the way you like and again come back to your study.

How & what to study:

You have your textbook, coaching notes & self made notes. For biology keep in touch with NCERT textbook. Revise one chapter from NCERT Biology daily. Study the important points that you have noted or the one you usually  forget. For physics & chemistry try to clear your concept & keep your basics clear. Use coaching or self made notes or if you have any revision material.

We have also prepared short revision material which you can use for revision. Physics See here Chemistry See here

Keep memorising important formula & relations in physics & chemistry. Plan your 30 days schedule in such a way that you cover atleast one chapter from all three subjects daily. These should not exceed more than 4-5 hours daily. Take refreshment in between so that your mind is fresh when switching to next subject.

Test yourself- “Key to Success”

You must have solved previous year papers, if not then solve atleast past 5 years paper that will give a good idea about questions asked in exam. Only solving past year questions won’t help you as these questions are less likely to be repeated. If you have joined some good coaching institute then they must be taking test regularly. If not then you need to solve mock test regularly. Not all mock test are good enough, mock test which are tricky & in series can be very helpful. You can join our online test series for NEET 2017.  Every test series is designed to enhance your performance some are 11th based, some 12th based & most are full syllabus test. Few of these test have 200 questions rather than 180 questions to check your time management skills. Answer is also available. If you practice these test than you will be covering more than 5,000 questions in 30 days that means you will cover every chapter & question types which are important for NEET. I recommend you to solve one test paper daily, match it with the answer key, calculate your score & mark the question which are wrong. Refer to the hint & solution of the paper re-solve it. Clear your concept of that question from the textbook or coaching notes. This way you can learn from your mistakes, understand your weakness & correct it. The purpose of the test is to show your weak areas & correct it before the main exam. visit here

NEET Facts:

AIPMT is conducted by CBSE so it is obvious that they follow NCERT textbook.

  • For Biology be sure that 90% of the question are going to come from NCERT. Our Success series for AIPMT 2016 are based on NCERT.
  • Inorganic chemistry are also from NCERT so read these topics directly from NCERT. Physical chemistry & organic chemistry are application based so you have to read the theory & practice MCQs from these chapters.
  • Physics is all about formula & its execution. If you have memorized the formula then next thing you need to do is solve MCQs related to it.

We have made NEET Physics High Yield MCQs ebook which has 323 MCQs to revise you thoroughly important questions asked in AIPMT. These type of questions are most likely to come in NEET exam.Click Here

  • There is equal weightage for both Class 11th & 12th syllabus. Almost equal number of questions are asked from 11th & 12th syllabus. So if you have forgotten 11th topics then you need to revise it too, don’t skip them.

Since you are biology student so you might be more inclined to biology more than Physics & Chemistry. But you need to have sound & clear concepts of other subjects too, you can’t just count on two subjects. Competition is tough as there are so many candidates compared to very less number of seats. Each question can move you 1000 rank above or below, so study all three subjects. For better analysis of weightage of chapters see previous year chpaterwise weightage. Visit here

Examination Time

  • Relax yourself before exam, you have done what you could have done. Trust yourself  & leave the rest.
  • Reach an hour before at examination center so that you are not in hurry.
  • Don’t forget to follow AIPMT dress code & instructions. Check your admit card & take along with you the photographs.
  • First attempt the section in which you feel you are comfortable, I prefer Biology first. Suppose if I start with Physics & get stuck in the middle or if I am not able to answer most of the question in Physics section then it will build a pressure on me, I might get nervous & worried. Next if I attempt Biology section, it is most likely that I will make silly mistake due to loss of confidence & worry. So I will advice you to first attempt the section in which you feel you are more confident.
  • Always read questions carefully try to underline it. Be careful if it asks to choose correct/false statement from the options.
  • Always look all the the four options. There might be possibility that the best option is other one even if the one you choose is correct. These type of error are common in Chemistry & Biology section.
  • If you are stuck in one question, don’t waste time solving it, mark it & move to the next question.
  • Don’t make wild guesses as there is 1/4 negative marking, its better to leave the question you don’t know. Some questions are always there in exam which are clueless & if you attempt these, it is most likely that you will end up loosing marks.
  • Bubble the answer sheet carefully & sequentially. Don’t bubble in the wrong box or in the different question no. Be very attentive filling OMR sheet as no other OMR sheet will be provided. You can download sample OMR sheet, print it & practise it with the test.

If you follow these steps you are most likely to properly utilize the last 30 days & better prepare yourself for the upcoming NEET 2017. Start studying from today, plan it execute it & never wait for tomorrow.
All the very best & do well.

Feel free to share your doubts, comment below.

  1. Profile photo of anandi1712
    anandi1712 2 years ago

    How to manage and remember organic chemistry in less time

  2. Srihari 4 years ago

    Thanks for the guidance

  3. sumit 5 years ago

    brother physics is causing immense problem and so i am facing problem in concepts

  4. ketan choudhury 5 years ago

    In our manipur state due to last election our COHSEM exam had been delayed.And we have only 20 days for preparation.We have the fear that we would not be selected in the first attempt.So can we have any suggestion to this.

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 5 years ago

      Replied on WhatsApp

  5. Mayur 5 years ago

    Yeah really your guidance is so useful for me
    Thanks for the good advice !!!

  6. saif 5 years ago

    i m 4 year dropper. i donn’t what to do right now, i m in pressure thinking of my increasing age. give me a suggestion to ge to get rid out of this.

  7. mano 5 years ago

    These ideas really brings willpower.l will definitely pass neet exam

  8. Praveengovindaraj 5 years ago

    Yeah I can pass NEET by following the ways mentioned above I’m frank to say now only I planned to start my preparations but I hope I can

  9. mayank 5 years ago

    very nice guidlines i must try to do these all thing that u mention above

  10. uk 6 years ago

    I wish neet gets conducted this year too

  11. Rajiv 6 years ago

    Yes sir i have only 30 day left …from today am try complete my sallybus and may be am the next aipmt best doctor …….good bye ….i block my fb right now… Its really its killing my dream …..

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