Aipmt 2015 detail paper analysis

Aipmt 2015 questions were good & had a moderate level of difficulty. Students with strong basic & clear concept would have found a little easier.

Physics paper was tougher compared to Biology & Chemistry, as always.

Mistakes are usually common due to panic.

Biology paper:

From class XI- 49 questions

From class XII-41 questions

*Both Botany & zoology had 45 ques. each.


Easy- 20 ques.

Moderate-  48 ques.

Tough – 22 ques.

Physics paper:

From class XI-  25 questions

From class XII- 20 questions


Easy- 11 ques.

Moderate-  17 ques.

Tough – 17 ques.

Chemistry paper:

From class XI-  24 questions

From class XII- 21 questions


Easy- 19 ques.

Moderate-  15 ques.

Tough – 11 ques.

# Questions were asked from through out the syllabus.

In Biology most questions came from Ecology (11) & Cell structure (10).

In Physics 18ques. came from mechanics.

InChemistry 14ques. came from physical chemistry.

Best Of Luck for AIPMT 2016.

Congratulations to those who cracked AIPMT 2015.

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  1. bhupender saroj 6 years ago

    thanks 4 giving sugg

  2. manish 7 years ago

    Are all the student have who crossed cutoff gets MBBS aur….

    If not then what do they get..

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Medico 7 years ago

      Prepare once again ticket

  3. devaraj 7 years ago

    thanks for retest

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