AIPMT 2015: All India Quota Surrendered Seats not for States, awaits final Court decision


[UPDATED On 16th Oct.] According to MCC, 15% All india quota  surplus/surrendered seats after 3rd round Counselling was to be transferred to the States. Students found it injustice to them. Writ petition(civil) No. 659/2015 & 629/2015 is filled in the Supreme Court of India. Court has released a stay order against filling of surplus seats by states.

States like Gujrat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, west Bengal & Uttar Pradesh has already released a notice as per the direction of court. Now surplus seats will only be filled after final verdict by the Supreme Court. Till then states quota seats will be filled.

Karnataka Notice-
In view of interim order of the Hon. Supreme Court in W.P(civil) 659/2015, The allotment against the surrendered All India Quota seats notified on 22/09/2015 is deferred temporarily. The willing students can modify their options as per revised seat matrix on or before 26/09/2015 at 7.00AM. The allotment for state quota seats will done as per revised schedule.
Current Case Status
Status of : Writ Petition (Civil) 629 Of 2015
Status-Disposed on 28/09/2015
Updated on 30/09/2015
Court Directions:
1. All india quota seats will remain 15%.
2. The admissions should be strictly accordance to the para 15 of information bulletin/Rules.
3.While making admissions directions contained in para 19 of Mridul Dhar vs Union of India 2005 shall be borne in mind.

Court said : we permit the state government to complete the admission process with the extension of period of one week from today i.e. by 7/10/2015, by filling up the vacant/left over All India Quota seats which have been surrendered to respective states.

Total of 875 All India Quota seats are vacant which will be filled by States & there will be no further extension of dates.

MCC Notice (06/10/2015): Some states like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, etc. have not compiled with the order of Supreme Court & are taking admission of vacant/surplus seats on the basis of state rank. MCC has notified these states to follow supreme court order & take admission on the basis of All India rank only.

SC order dated 14/10/2015 against Writ petition (civil) 670/2015 & other connected petitions:
Bench refused further extension beyond 7th October 2015 & dismissed all other interlocutory Applications. So, no more further hearing. It’s the end of AIPMT 2015 (Most happening year in PMT History).


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  1. Queen 5 years ago

    Can an un appeared ST student can get admission..if there are many ST seats vacant even after 3rd counseling?

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 5 years ago

      Well Noooo… If it would have been so then all general candidates would happily convert themselves to ST ūüôā

  2. kusum goyal 6 years ago

    MCC finished third round of choice filling on 10th sep. They could have arranged fourth counselling on 30th or before that. They didn’t even bother about future of 875 students who could not get admission.

  3. VIRAMGAMA KULDEEP D 6 years ago


  4. mun 6 years ago

    is it true that supreme court is going to hear this case once again on 14th october?

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      Currently i have no such information but counselling process is over for the session 2015-16. No more admissions now.

      • Rudrasinh parmar 6 years ago

        that means no more AIPMT admission in states? please give correct information.

  5. srushti 6 years ago

    AIPMT seats should not be given state quota as it is injustice to all AIPMT students.So 2 round should be conducted

  6. pravin tripathi 6 years ago

    Yes. Vacant AIPMT seats should be filled by states offline by using AIPMT qualified candidates ( ie min 50% marks of 720 ie 360 marks ) merit in state.
    These seats can not be given on the basis of state level exams conducted. Gujarat is notorious as they are biased against cbse BOARD. All their process is in favour of gujarat board students.
    Shame to admission committee in gujarat for not following SC orders on filling of vacant aipmt seats.

  7. Prabu 6 years ago

    Unfilled MBBS Seats transferred to states must be allotted to AIPMT qualified candidates in their respective states as per the AIPMT rankings of the state candidates. It will be a grave injustice to AIPMT candidates if seats are allotted to Non AIPMT candidates.

    • mun 6 years ago

      i agree with what you said…. admission should be given on state aipmt ranks in there respective states

  8. Dr Ahsan 6 years ago

    3rd round of aipmt counselling should be offline and all qualified candidate should be called for counselling so that no seats remain vacant

  9. r d bhoraniya 6 years ago

    to day status of caurt was disposed on 28/9/15 and give direction for aipmt vacant seat please what about vacant seat please give clerification.

  10. shikha 6 years ago


  11. DR SANTHOSH KUMAR MN [email protected] 6 years ago

    any good approachable supreme court counsel who can be entrusted with AIPMT case.
    Urgent reply please

  12. DR SANTHOSH KUMAR MN [email protected] 6 years ago

    awaitng urgent help in getting a sincere efficient counsel

  13. DR SANTHOSH KUMAR MN 6 years ago


    • kusum goyal 6 years ago

      In UP there was separe entrance that too was not fair. My daughter has 921 rank in aipmt but becoz of the surrender of left over seats she could not get KGMC. Aipmt seats were given to candidates who even not qualified aipmt or even now given aipmt.

  14. Ashok gupta 6 years ago

    Our councelling system is faulty For improving this MCI should issue guidelines that after 1st councelling under AIQ All states should be asked for 1st councellig After that there should be 2nd councelling under AIQ then 2nd councelling of the state At last 3rd councellig under AIQ after that 3rd councelling of all the states should be done

  15. Er. Shashi Kant Gupta 6 years ago

    AIPMT 15% seats must be filled from AIPMT score ….. Whosoever fill it ….. As a natural justice to all aspiring students

  16. surbhi 6 years ago

    I m qualified aipmt but still i dont get any bds n mbbs seats so i m happy with supreme court decision

  17. Arun 6 years ago

    Dear All
    Let us stop arguing on imaginative facts. The whole problem is with our system right from MCI to States. To get proper solution rule must be following:-
    1. There should be single common entrance examination for admission to all medical colleges of India including private one.
    2. There should be single counseling window for all admission otherwise counseling should be in order of all India level to state level on different dates in such a manner that dates do not coincide.
    3. There should be rule that the moment a candidate choose seat his candidature must be forfeited for all future counseling if he does not take admission.
    4. After locking of choice his all original documents, as required, must be taken over making him unfit for all other counseling except the counseling for improvement of colleges provided he takes admission.
    5. All reserve category candidates who qualify for General category should be asked to surrender his category status if seat is taken by him in General category. This is another aspect which is violating rights to equality by letting those candidates go with own category status even if he chooses seat under general category.
    If all above are ensued I have no doubt in saying that our all problems will be automatically solved. So let us fight for implementation of above to get permanent solution and peace.

  18. jagan 6 years ago

    aipmt has given a cutoff as standard for the students under all India quota. if u fail to get that cutoff it means u r not eligible for the seat . then y do u struggle for it. give it to state quota at least eligible candidate under state quota get it.

    • Rudrasinh parmar 6 years ago

      i totally support you and your thoughts.

  19. Akriti Sharma 6 years ago

    The above stay is very important in light of reservation quota. Maximum seats become vacate from Gen. Quota while state is applying/distributing again in applicable quota to their state.

  20. Tamilvanan 6 years ago

    i welcome your suggestion . 3rd .offline. collect certificate

  21. Shreyas Parikh 6 years ago

    The procedure is not new also not for the first time.
    Why should the students of the concerned state suffer.
    Aipmt authorities are not handling the issue for the first time.
    Everything has been decided will be on paper.
    If the eligible sufficient candidates are not availed they will return to the state for filling those seats who have the first right to get admission in their own state.This is all prefinalised.& one should know before registration.

  22. Shreyas Parikh 6 years ago

    When will court guide?

  23. Shreyas Parikh 6 years ago

    When there are vacant seats after concealing ,there is nothing wrong if state govt.fills them by awaited genius students.Hindrances should not be raised in the interest of nation for following reasons.
    1)There are already insufficient seats in all states.
    2)No proportional increase in reference to need of society for intake capacity is made by the authority.
    3)This is the directly related field which is the first requirement of mankind.
    4)At least 2% students who are not getting admission are also sufficient genius to be a doctor.
    But they do not afford spending lacs of rupees if the do not get through merit.Allow them to be doctor.
    5)Thank you.Think of nation-Think of common people.

    • pg 6 years ago

      then stop conducting aipmt

  24. HARBANS RANA 6 years ago

    AIPMT exam is the faith of more than 6.5 lac students every year. If every year AIPMT will return around 1000 seats to the states, then faith of the students will go down. AIPMT had selected around 14000 students who got more then cut off marks. ON these AIPMT seats, these students have the right. Till any students is left from these 14000 students, none of the seat to be returned to the state. AIPMT had conducted all the three round with in 15 days of duration. But many states had completed their counselling after 15 Sept 2015 also. Many students gone back to state seat from AIPMT center quota seats. During these rounds also many seats were rotated in modifying only. AIPMT should have done one off line counselling on or around 25 Sep 2015. If AIPMT could have conducted Off line then none of the seat would have vacant. Like AIIMS, as AIIMS is conducting its open counselling on 29 Sep 2015, after 3rd round of counselling, when all the states had completed their counselling.

    • srushti 6 years ago

      Wat u think that whether seats ll be reverted to us

      • Profile photo of Admin Author
        Admin 6 years ago

        Counselling process will be done by respective states but these vacant seats will be filled from the All india rank released by MCC not the state rank.

  25. ANKITA 6 years ago

    In three rounds of counselling many students who got colleges,far away from their home town left them and came in their states.Those seats have been left.These students were counted in both lists,state one and aipmt one also.Now,other eligible students who could get seat but now can’t as so many seats are given back to states.[approx half of total aipmt seats.].This is total injustice to those students as their state cut off had gone high compared to other states.In this way they will be loosing their one year. Aipmt seats are meant for aipmt students only.
    An open counselling under round 4 must be conducted to give justice to all.

  26. R Sudhakaran 6 years ago

    It is just and logical that AIPMT seats should go to the students who appeared for AIPMT. Then there have to be end number of counseling rounds. Even after 5 rounds of counseling, good number of seats will be vacant. May be because of this reason the SC asked MCC to surrender the seats to the states after third round.

    From next year onward, the third can be an offline counseling. There can be 5 centres viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bhopal. The original certificates will have to be collected at the time of third round of offline counseling.

    • harbans rana 6 years ago

      Dear sir, Off Line counselling does not take much time. it can be finished within two days. I agree with your point. but Off line counselling can be started from this year also. Thousands of students who were with in cut of points, are still in hope for the seat and they will unnecessarily loose their one year.

      • NARMATHA.R 6 years ago

        They are re allotting same cutt off system only in state also..they are not giving the seats who have not scored in state board education…

  27. Vindhya Keshav 6 years ago

    AIPMT decides some cut off marks in order to qualify in this examination…… If the qualified strength is less or if students fail to report to the colleges in the stipulated time even after third round of councelling, those seats will be transferred to the state universities…… So that students in their respective states who wants an MBBS seat will get. I think there is no injustice in this………. This is what which is happening every year n now the same….Whats wrong in this?

    • harbans rana 6 years ago

      Dear you do not know ABCD of AIPMT. MY dear friend out of 3.7lac candidates CBSE qualifies on around 14000 students for AIPMT seats. only 6000 candidates has got the seat. Remaining 8000 students are in ‘Q’ for the seat. Than, why the remaining seats should not be given to the remaining, eligible students.

  28. prabhu 6 years ago

    There won’t be any seats remaining if students will get seats according to aipmt rules(aipmt cut off)….if the seats are remaining that means there are no eligible candidates for aipmt seats…..then what’s wrong in transferring seats back to the states…..

    • harbans rana 6 years ago

      Dear you do not know ABCD of AIPMT. MY dear friend out of 3.7lac candidates CBSE qualifies on around 14000 students for AIPMT seats. only 6000 candidates has got the seat. Remaining 8000 students are in ‘Q’ for the seat. Than, why the remaining seats should not be given to the remaining, eligible students.

      • Ashok Nair 6 years ago

        I don’t understand your reply are you recommending that the seats should be returned to state or not.
        As for all the thoughts of the kids, they are justified, and please do not say you do know ABCD of AIPMT.
        For your kind information last two years data of AIPMT and AIPGE, seats returned to state
        2014 ~ 20 % ~ 20 %
        2015 ~ 20 % ~ 40 %
        Now coming to the actual issue, the regulation says 50 % CET Marks them qualified for a seat, but both the admission body keeps a cutoff of more than 63 %. The cutoff for 1st round is acceptable, but later if seats remain vacant, it should be offered to candidates between this 63 % and 50 % marks students. They can get a seat at their merit if it is vacant. Why not ? “After all the entrance is only to prepare merit, the students are qualified, if they have minimum percentage as pre rule in 12th (for MBBS) and in MBBS (for PG).”
        So the seats should be given to all the students at least who have qualified through the entrance, as per the Govt Notification and MCI regulation of 50 % in open and lower in other category. Irony is “YOU ARE QUALIFIED BUT NOT ELIGIBILE, DUE TO THE CUT-OFF”.

  29. dakshika 6 years ago

    i think that it is a very fair decisions as these seats are for all india qouta only so they should be given only to shouldn’t be returned to state as those were never meant for them..if students want to get a seat in their state then compete for state qouta n get a seat…n students who want all india seat wouldcompete for all india is very clear

  30. nimilikh 6 years ago

    Giving 15% seats to pmt quota itself is not fair…..many students from their own states cannot gain seats and are struggling a lot….and now those people dont even want to transfer the left out seats….if those would have been transferred….I would be in some medical college now…we want atleast the left out seats back…..

    • harbans rana 6 years ago

      Dear you do not know ABCD of AIPMT. MY dear friend out of 3.7lac candidates CBSE qualifies on around 14000 students for AIPMT seats. only 6000 candidates has got the seat. Remaining 8000 students are in ‘Q’ for the seat. Than, why the remaining seats should not be given to the remaining, eligible students.

      • NARMATHA.R 6 years ago

        IF AIPMT and CBSE is the qualification for MBBS then why state board education and exams.. they can cancel na?..the other state students wont do service in the same state where the studied.. so rural areas will not get doctor’s facility…. if it is there own state atleast they work for their state for maximum percentage…

    • Keshav 6 years ago

      It is a clear injustice. When there are candidates eligible but still not got seat ,they shoild be given the remaining seats. So many students are there who are left behind .if it is not done then what is the purpose of conducting aipmt if one does not gets the seats alloted through itself. How could mci say that there are surplus seats when candidates with more than 65% Marks are craving for one mbbs seat.aipmt should conduct more no. Of counselling.

  31. tejaswini 6 years ago

    Y should states give aipmt quota when there are no seats for its own state….giving seats to pmt quota is injustice to our own state……aipmt quota shouldn’t be given……

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