AIIMS counselling: Comparison of Six new AIIMS


All India Institute Of Medical Sciences counselling for MBBS course will be held from 6th july at New Delhi. Total seats offered is 672 at seven AIIMS. AIIMS Delhi has 72seats while other six new AIIMS has 100 seats each.

Six AIIMS are admitting students for MBBS courses since 2012. These new AIIMS are at Patna, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Raipur, Jodhpur & Rishikesh.
Getting into AIIMS is like dream coming true. Competition is tough as only few are selected from lakhs of students that appear in exam. AIIMS Delhi is top institution in India & one of the best in Asia. The six new institutions have also carried the brand AIIMS name & has been established on its lines. Courses currently offered are MBBS & B. Sc(Hons.) Nursing.
Since six new AIIMS are not completely functional, students are hesitant getting admission into these new institution. In this post we will be comparing the six new AIIMS on the basis of infrastructures, academics,  hostel facilities, hospital, etc.

Infrastructure & Development:
Govt. Of India has invested a lot of money into these colleges. About 1200crore for each for development, which is about six times that of private medical college to start. Despite investing such huge sum development process has been slow from the developers at all AIIMS.


College building:-
College building is almost complete at all AIIMS except Raipur. [Update: College building of Raipur is also complete.]

Hospital buildings are not complete at any AIIMS. Construction work is slow at Patna & Raipur, same developer (B.L.kashyap pvt. Ltd.) is at these two sight. So here construction of Hospital building is slow from developers side.

Residential Complex:-
It is a place for the Faculties & administration. Guest House is also located here. Barring Bhubaneswar all have completed residential complex.


MBBS course was started in 2012 with 50 students each. India has huge shortage of doctor & so the faculties. These institutions also have shortage of faculties in each department. SR/JR have been also recruited for academic & clinical.

Some departments even don’t have qualified HOD & provisional HOD have been made. In first year you will be taught Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry.

# ★=1 rating; *= half rating
# Criteria includes No. Of Faculties, Qualification & Tutor.


Six AIIMS Faculties Rating

Lecture theatre:
All AIIMS has completely functional air conditioned Lecture theatre. LTs of all AIIMS are alike.

All AIIMS has Standard Functional laboratory for physiology & Biochemistry.
Dissection Hall for Anatomy is functional at all AIIMS though presence of Cadavers can vary.
Bhopal has most Cadavers & well maintained DH. AIIMS Patna has well maintained Physiology & Biochemistry lab. with most equipments. & lab technicians.

Currently running Departments(OPD):


All AIIMS has functional Central library. Patna has best library with max. books.


Hostel & Facilities:
All have ready hostel with single room for each student, except Bhubaneshwar & Raipur.
For Entertainment LCD TV is available. Wifi facility is also available at Patna & Jodhpur.

Main hospital buildings of all AIIMS are not fully functional due to delay in construction work. Some have OPD running at temporary place. But by the time you will enter into your Clinical hopefully Hospitals will be also fully functional at All AIIMS.

Patients per day (approx.) in OPD:

Bhubaneswar: 1200
Patna: 1200
Jodhpur: 1000
Bhopal: 900
Raipur: 900
Rishikesh: 800

Conclusion: All AIIMS has certain advantages & disadvantages. In your decision making different other factor has to be considered too. AIIMS Bhopal, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur are good option according to our thinking.
Patna is good option but due to bad image of Bihar students might ignore it, But it should be kept in mind that Bihar has changed a lot in recent times. Patna is education hub. Good number of Patients are coming to its OPD so as a student you will have exposure to different cases.
Raipur: Construction delay of college building will interfere in academic process so we have not included it as first option.
Rishikesh: Less number of running departments & low presence of patients in OPD. These findings stop us from putting it as first option. Otherwise Rishikesh is a good place & nice weather condition to live in.

We have not ranked these new AIIMS as they are not fully functional & Hospital is not ready. All Data are from Ministry of Health, Students, other reliable sources.

Comment if you have any query.
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  1. Arun 5 years ago

    Hello!I hv got aiims Bhopal but I m deeply disappointed to see their infrastructure.I m thinking About 2nd drop becoz I m a dropper.please help me in my decision……!

    • Dr. R. Radhakrishnan 5 years ago

      Arun, right now taking any of the new aiims will be a bad decision. I have been in this field for about 23 years. These institutions are new and will take about 10-15 years more to be on par with state medical colleges. If you are getting a good state medical college then choose that over the new aiims. Do not worry about taking a drop, I know some friend who cleared PMT in 3 to 4 attempts but they chose to go to a good and reputed college and are now working in some of the finest institutions. Dont be disheartened. God bless!

  2. Mitali 5 years ago

    Well I am still confused. I got an AIR 153 but I don’t know which aiims would be the best

    • Abhishek Verma 5 years ago

      You’re must be getting AIIMS Delhi then why this dilemma?

      • GAURAV PRASAD 3 years ago

        AIIMS New Delhi just has 50 general seats(of which 2 to 3 go to OPH candidates) so there’s a high chance a student with AIR 51 won’t get it. AIR 153 will not get AIIMS New Delhi.

  3. Satyam singh 5 years ago

    What is current situation of these ? Plz update it with context to 2016 session !

  4. Renton 5 years ago

    Please publish updated situation of 2016 for aiims 2016 ug counselling.

  5. Renton 5 years ago

    When you gonna post the updated info for guys who are giving aiims 2016?

  6. Sarthak 6 years ago

    Nice article admin but can you do an update for someone who will most probably be joining one of these this year (i.e. 2016) has any of them improved include some pictures if you can and which one is best one if we consider college ambience and local gentry Thank You!

  7. d.k.mishra 6 years ago

    however pics of other lib not provided infastr. of raipur if be complete looks awesome …same for living space of aiims jodhpur

  8. Biswagourav 6 years ago

    AIIMS is the best choice.As a1st year mbbs student at bhubaneswar AIIMS it is best choice that I have made during AIIMS counselling…

    • JAGADISH 4 years ago

      What was your rank at AIIMS, if you dont mind sharing this information. My son has written the AIIMS exam this year and awaiting result. At what ranks, can one expect to secure a seat at Bhubaneshwar AIIMS? Your reply will be very helpful.

  9. Profile photo of Admin Author
    Admin 6 years ago

    KGMC is old & renowned college while AIIMS PATNA is new & not completely functional. If you want AIIMS tag & that standard then go for AIIMS PATNA otherwise KGMC is undoubtedly a good option.

  10. Sheena Arora 6 years ago

    The information provided about AIIMS Rishikesh is completely and totally false. The patient flow is much greater than that stated. Please provide a credible source for the information you are presenting about all new AIIMS.

  11. Asiff Nathi Aneef 6 years ago

    Thank You fot this very important article.I had chosen AIIMS P and considered of changing my option and a bit confused . Now I got a better overview of all the AIIMS. But I would like to know whether the new AIIMS would be in the top ranking among medical colleges atleast within thd next 5 yrs

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      Not all but some might be

  12. rohit roy 6 years ago

    please anyone here can elaborate the current condition of aiims bhubaneswar??i mean in respect of college,hospital, hostels….does aiims bhubaneswar first year students get single rooms??how is the mess food for a non-vegie?

    • Biswagourav 6 years ago

      The collage and academic condition is very good.For 1st year student single room has not provided yet.But in next year single room will provided to each student.For non-vegie in our AIIMS bhubaneswar mess is purely awesssssome…

  13. Neel kanadan 6 years ago

    Rishikesh is a good tourist place but health condition of this state is extremely good so there was no need of AIIMS in this state ……any way my personal view is except rishikesh all AIIMS will grow very well.

    • Pradeep 6 years ago

      Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) has been suffering acute shortage of health structure since a long. Patients here had to go Delhi, Chandigarh for treatment. AIIMS Rishikesh is a boon for Uttarakhand. Per day OPD is around 2000 and will increase.

  14. Anirudh Rao J 6 years ago

    first thing, who gave these ratings for faculty and percentage of completion ?? Its meaningless if you people don’t mention the source where you got this info. because im pretty sure the rating the AIIMS Bhubaneswar Biochemistry department got is just questionable, honestly speaking their faculty is way better than other first year departments it our college (not just a personal opinion, almost everyone from our college would agree to it). And then the question of which is best among the new ones, no idea! All seem good, but among the students the opinion is mixed, some would say “we gave up all big established long running colleges (BMC, MMC, TMC, MAMC, AFMC and what not) for these new AIIMS seeing the brand name of AIIMS and are disappointed with it”. Others are very positive or some just totally regret the thing.. personally i do like the college, yes a lot of things are still missing, works are just dead slow, deficient faculty etc etc.. but the fundamentals are good enough, quality faculty in many departments (note quality not quantity), most importantly the patient flow is good.

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      Visit Mohfw website for % completion & faculty rating is based on Quantity & Quality. Thanks

      • Gautam 6 years ago

        If someone don’t believe the reliable source like Mohfw than who believe that you are correct….

  15. Dr Deepak 6 years ago

    I am doctor at CJH Tehar Jail and many of mine relatives and known to took admission in almost all six peripheral AIIMS and after getting the feedback from all the candidates – who were taking admission at AIIMS -Patna & Jodhpur are in better condition in comparison to others. Its obvious as because of poor health care in Bihar AIIMS will be the only option to deal the good cases and that will yield the good number of research and training to undergraduate and postgraduate students. On the other hand if you are planning to get a seat in Post graduation Course its good to stay at Patna cos DAMS as well as internal MCQ-24 of AIIMS -Patna are very helpful as one of my relatives told and he is so happy and confident to clear the exam in next few year. So go for AIIMS-P.

  16. Priya 6 years ago

    My younger brother is final year student at AIIMS Patna. Initially our family was very much disappointed because of bad image of Bihar but after spending more than 2 years now my brother as well as my parents are so happy to get the admission at Patna. If you look the data for previous years AIIMS P is the last choice for most of the candidates even for Bihari candidates but this is totally because of communication gap, bad image of Bihar( wrong interpretation -not in actual now condition improved very much), geographical location( Although Delhi to Patna route having huge no of flight and train- here also lack of knowledge) . So its my personal opinion you must prefer Delhi followed by Patna, Jodhpur, Bhuvneshwar, Bhopal, Raipur and Rishikesh.

  17. GAURAV SUMAN 6 years ago

    Well, I am a first year medico from Aiims bhopal .
    And I would just like to sum up in sentence, DON’t ruin your college life by joining any of NEW Aiims , my friends over here including me left precious medical colleges like AFMC,JIPMER,KGMC,SMS,GRANT,SETH G.S ,Even MAMC DELHI for the so called AIIMS LIKE INSTI. AND everyone regrets .

    • Jagdish chandra singh prasun 6 years ago

      I am a 3rd year student at AIIMS PATNA.I got seth G.S in 2012. in my 1st counselling ,latter on i was geting KGMC and VMMC in 2nd counselling. I was at seth G.S and kem hospital for one month.(it is said that seth G.S is best in india in terms of academic) I left AIIMS 1st counselling even.Luckly i got AIIMS PATNA my first choice in second counselling.Today i am at AIIMS patna and i am very happy.I can assure you that AIIMS PATNA has better faculty,hostel facility and faculty student ratio.Most of the college have aprox 250 student in class(AIPMT).I have no idea about AIIMS BHOPAL but belive me AIIMS PATNA is better than all of dont be confused ,go for AIIMS PATNA.

      • Anil kumar 6 years ago

        I agreed.You are absolutely right.

      • Harchintan Kaur Devgan 5 years ago

        Jagdish i want a suggestion from you as you are studying in AIIMS PATNA. Can u plz give me all the information like mess, hostel conditions, wifi, hostel room, fdes structure and all. I will be very thankful to u..reply soon..waiting

    • shubham 6 years ago

      very confused what to do aiims (except new delhi) or kgmc

      • Jagdish 6 years ago

        AIIMS -PATNA
        Dont get confused.Pg reservation for AIIMS students in AIIMS Pg exam.50% of seats are reserved under instute quota.

        • shubham 6 years ago

          there is no quota in aiims
          2001 SC ne quota khatam kar diya tha
          if u still believe then give me proof

      • Amit 6 years ago

        AIIMS better choice.

  18. Dr Harshanand 6 years ago

    I would like to correct for aiims bhopal; in opd services its not physiotheray opd, its physical medicine and rehabilitation OPD. bhopal is facing huge problems in view of hospital complex construction services. First batch of mbbs (2012) is at front to take pain of less exposure to patients, operations and many more. Some for other aiims.
    Friends you will get only name and tag of aiims..nothing special in term of patient experience and knowledge.
    My advise if you get good medical college don’t think about aiims..
    It will take more than 5 year from now to start new aiims in full fledge !

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      Thanks for showing concern… Data submitted to the Ministry by AIIMS Bhopal is Physiotherapy… Even some non-clinical departments were included in it which we have omitted to make our comparison more rational.

      • Dr harshanand 6 years ago

        Although many physio call themselves doctor, Physiotheray is not a system of medicine. It is pure paramedical or allied health profession. Ministry never say physiotherapy OPD. It’s physical medicine and rehabilitation OPD under which physiotheray, occupational therapy services are provided.
        Thanks for concern

    • Pranav kumar 6 years ago

      One must opt for AIIMS. It is a brand and brand is always valuable. You are coming for MBBS not for research. Hospital facilities are very good for MBBS student.

    • Prashant jain 6 years ago

      AIIMS PATNA is really the is just 9km away from main town and just 8km away from airport.There are 4 gov. and 2 private medical collage in patna. now patna is a hub for medical students.Top coaching(like DAMS) has center only because of the croud of medical student. Aiims patna has best keep future in mind and go for AIIMS Patna.

  19. Ashish Agarwal 6 years ago

    I would like to advise the aspirants to keep the location of the college in mind. Bhopal is located in the centre and well connected to all major cities of India. Also the mbbs 1st year teaching faculty at AIIMS bhopal is exceptionally good.

  20. Ashish Shakya 6 years ago


  21. Dr Mahima das 6 years ago

    Any institute grow and become top on various factors but the core factor is the patients input and according to data and observation today AIIMS NEW Delhi is the Premier Institute of this country only because of huge number of patients that is the sample size for various research and tools to learn medicine for undergraduate as well as postgraduate and for this huge no bulk almost 80% of patients contribution are from Bihari patients . After opening of AIIMS Patna now rate of patients flow to Delhi is going to decrease in spite of very minimal facilities at AIIMS Patna. In next few years AIIMS P really will prove the potential for best . So according to my opinion AIIMS-Patna is the really good option if you think of present as well as future .

  22. MAHIPAL BISHNOI 6 years ago

    AIIMS-P is unique beacause of more expousre of a large scale different cases in cilnical departments like surgery,medicine etc.In Bihar,patients are good in view of medical complicances.

  23. Anil kumar 6 years ago

    AIIMS PATNA is best no any doubt in it. In next few years AIIMS PATNA is the only institute which has potential to succeed the AIIMS NEW DELHI.
    Before choosing any college please you must enquire about all and don’t leave any Institute on the ground of ancient glory of the city, geographical distance etc cos you will hardly get time to go your home town so frequently . If you are not getting Delhi go straight forward to AIIMS PATNA..

  24. Rahul raj 6 years ago

    aiims patna is best among all new aiims. Hosptial complex is not complete, but it is functional in 5 storey ayurved building.Both IPD(200bed)and OPD(2500 per day) service is avliable.Few departments(like pediatrics) are comparable to aiims delhi.

  25. Sameer sekhar 6 years ago

    Irrespective of what all say , the award for best director as well as best institute went to AIIMS BHUBANESWAR.(I think for a reason)
    Though the residential complexes are lagging behind but the deficit is covered by the most functional hospital among all 6 New AIIMS.

  26. Azhar Liyakath 6 years ago

    Aiims patna is the best among all the new aiims… has the bst library facility among all the aiims nd hostel facilities are more than one could b satisfied with single rooms, lcd tv, wifi, lift etc……academically too aiims patna fulfills its expectations……

  27. amit yadav 6 years ago

    aiims patna is best among all new aiims . more than 3000 patient are comming every day. IPD has been also started with more 200 bed.

  28. Pranav kumar 6 years ago

    AIIMS PATNA must be the first choice atleast for the student of BIHAR(after AIIMS DELHI). I have seen lots of student from bihar ,who select top collages through cbse and latter on they regret.Moreover always remember there is 35% reservation for aiims student in PG exam(for those who likes to have AIIMS DELHI at the time of PG ).According to me this should be the order of prefrence
    3.AFMC(Those who like bonds)
    4. MAMC(DELHI)
    6. CMC (VELLORE)

  29. Himanshu Mishra 6 years ago

    Sir, I would like to correct you. All MBBS students in AIIMS Bhopal have been provided with single occupancy rooms. Mess food is very decent and regularly under check.

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      Human error.. Corrected it.

    • Ankit Singh 6 years ago

      as far as single room occupancy is concerned AIIMS P is also providing single room to all MBBS students…….and i think other aiims might also be providing .

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