All India Pre-NEET Test 2016


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Course Name: All India Pre-NEET Test 2016
Description:The course objective is to present a common national level platform to the students to compete and review their performance before actual NEET Exam. Simultaneously it reveals weak areas for improvement and enhances their confidence to do well in main exam.

Course Details:

Test Mode : Online
Test Pattern : 180 Questions (90 Bio + 45 Chem. + 45 Phy.)
Test Syllabus : NEET Syllabus ( XI & XII )
Test Medium : English only
Test Duration : 3 hours.
No. of Test: 2 Full Syllabus Test
Commencement Date: 9th July 2016
Test Schedule :
Test 01: 9th & 10th July 2016
Test 02: 16th & 17th July 2016

Registration Expiry: 24th July, 2016

** Test will be conducted on our sister website (not on
** Test can be attempted anytime during the given schedule.
** Login details will be provide to all candidates 3 days prior to the commencement date through email or whatsapp.
** In case of any technical error, if any, test can be rescheduled.


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