AIIMS MBBS Entrace Exam 2017: Admit Card on 8th May

AIIMS has released notice asking candidates who have successfully registered but they have not uploaded photograph properly as per guidelines are required to re-upload the proper photograph. If they are unable to upload the photograph then their application will be rejected and no further opportunity will be provided. Also due to this delay in submission process admit card will now be published on 8th May, 2017.


It may be noted that in most instances the deficiencies are because applicants have not followed the requirements as mentioned in the Prospectus. Therefore, applicants are advised to go through the Prospectus, familiarize with the requirements and prepare accordingly before uploading the image.
The competent authority has decided to give such applicants last opportunity to
correct such deficiencies in their Application Form (only those candidates who have submitted the fee and exercised the choice of city for examination centre) between 19.04.2017 to 21.04.2017 (5.00 PM).
This will be the last & final chance and the Admit Cards will only be issued to
candidates whose Application Form & Images will be found correct in all respects. Accordingly, all concerned are required to upload Images after Login
in with their credentials.
No further correspondence will be entertained in this regard in future under whatsoever circumstances. The Status of the application will be uploaded in the website on
Due to this final opportunity of completing the deficiencies given to the candidates, the Admit Card will be uploaded on Monday, the 8th May, 2017 instead of Monday, the 1st May, 2017.


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