Biology MCQs: Structural Organization in Plants

Multiple Choice Questions on Seeds

1. A seed is a
a) ripened ovule
b) ripened ovary
c) ripened endosperm
d) fused carpel

2. All the following structures are present in dicot seed except
a) radicle
b) endosperm
c) coleoptile
d) seed coat

3. Fruits are mature——–whereas seeds are mature——–
a) ovaries and stamens
b) ovules and carpels
c) ovules and ovaries
d) ovaries and ovules

4. The seed coat is formed from
a) integuments
b) ovary
c) endosperm
d) pericarp

5. A seed contains
a) stored food
b) embryo
c) seed coat
d) all of these

6. Cotyledons are formed from
a) embryos
b) seeds
c) ovaries
d) ovules

7. All are dicotyledonous seeds except
a) mango
b) castor
c) rice
d) pea

8. Which of the following is a non-endospermic seed
a) cereals
b) millets
c) orchids
d) custard apple

9. The endosperm formed as a part of double fertilization is
a) haploid
b) diploid
c) triploid
d) polyploid

10. Seed dormancy may be due to
a) immature embryo
b) hard seed coat
c) presence of germination inhibitors
d) all of these

1. a) ripened ovule
2. c) coleoptile
3. d) ovaries and ovules
4. a) integuments
5. d) all of these
6. a) embryos
7. c) rice
8. c) orchids
9. c) triploid
10. d) all of these

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  1. Jaina 4 years ago

    In Q3 intine is composed of cellulose and pectin not lipid and protein

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