Biology MCQs: Genetics and Evolution

MCQ on Evolution I

1. A species inhabiting different geographical areas is known as
a) sympatric
b) allopatric
c) sibling
d) biospecies

2. According to De Vries theory, evolution is
a) jerky
b) discontinuous
c) continuous and smooth
d)  both a and b

3. Mutation may be described as
a) Continuous genetic variation
b) Phenotypic change
c)  Discontinuous genetic variation
d) change due to hybridisation

4. The theory of use and disuse was given by
a) Stebbins
b) Lamarck
c) Aristotle
d) Vavilox

5. The evolution of a species is based upon sum total of adaptive changes preserved by
a) natural selection
b) isolation
c) speciation
d) human conservation

6. Genetic drift is on account of
a) variations
b) mutation
c) increase in population
d) decrease in population

7. According to Neo- Darwinism, natural selection operates through
a) Fighting between organisms
b) Variations
c) Killing weaker organism
d) Differential reproduction

8. Sympatric speciation develops reproductive isolation without
a) Geographic barrier
b) barrier to mating
c) barrier to gene flow
d) genetic change

9. Quick change in phenotypes in a small band of colonisers is called
a) Founder effect
b) Genetic bottle neck
c) Genetic grift
d) Gene flow

10. Genetic drift is found in
a) Small population with or without mutated genes
b) large population with random mating
c) plant population
d) animal population

11.Which is related to reproduce isolation
a) genetic isolation
b)temporal isolation
c) behavioural isolation
d) all of these.

12. In which condition gene ratio remains constant in a species?
a)  gene flow
b) mutation
c) random mating
d) sexual selection

13. Lamarck theory of organic evolution is usually known as 
a)  Natural selection
b) Inheritance of acquired characters
c) Descent with change
d) continuity of fermplasm

14. Which one is used for knowing whether or not a population is evolving?
a) Degree of evolution
b) Genetic drift
c) Proportion between acquired variations
d) Hardy Weinberg equation

15. Balancing selection is concerned with successful reproduction of
a) Homozygous recessives
b) homozygous indivduals
c) heterozygous individuals
d) all of the above

16. The first domesticated animal by primitive man was
a) Cat
b) Dog
c) Horse
d) Cow

17. Which of the following is an example of living fossils?
a) Pinus
b) Riccia
c) Ginkgo
d) Gnetum

18. First life on earth was
a) Cyanobacteria
b) Autographs
c) Chemoheterotrophs
d) Photoautotrophs

19. Most abundant organic compound on earth is
a) Protein
b) Cellulose
c) Steroids
d) Lipids

20. Which is not a vestigial organ of man?
a) Nails
b) Third molar
c) Coccyx
d) Segmented muscles of abdomen

21. Genetic drift operates only in
a) Large populations
b) Smaller populations
c) Island populations
d) Mendealian populations

22.  The animals of cold countries have relatively shorter and poorly developed ears, eyes, hairs and other phenotypic characters. This is known by which law?
Allen’s rule
a) Cope’s law
b) Dollo’s law
c) Bergmann’s law
d) Allen’s law

23. Phenomenon of ‘Industrial melanism’ demonstrates
a) Geographical isolation
b) Natural Selection
c) Reproductive isolation
d) Induced mutation

24. Convergent evolution is illustrated by
a) Rat and Dog
b) Bacterium and Protozoan
c) Starfish and Cuttle fish
d) Dogfish and  Whale

25. Correct order is
a) Paleozoic-> Mesozoic-> Coenozoic
b) Archaeozoic-> Coenozoic ->Paleozoic
c) Coenozoic ->Paleozoic-> Archaeozoic
d) Mesozoic-> Archaeozoic-> Coenozoic

16. b) Dog
17. c) Ginkgo
18. c) Chemoheterotrophs
19. b) Cellulose
20. a) Nails
21. b) Smaller populations
22. d) Allen’s law
23. b) Natural Selection
24. d) Dogfish and Whale
25. a) Paleozoic-> Mesozoic-> Coenozoic

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