Biology MCQs: Diversity & Classification


MCQs On Biological Diversity & Classification. Topics covered are The Living World, Systematics, Diversity of Life: Classification System, Kingdom Monera, Bacteria, Bacterial Reproduction, Kingdom Protista, Kingdom Fungi, Kingdom Plantae, Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms – Cycas, Lichens, Lichens Reproduction & Economic Importance, Viruses & Mycorrhiza.

Multiple Choice Questions on Living World

1. A micro organism, when viewed under a compound microscope with an objective lens of 40 X and eye piece of 10 X magnification measured 4000 μ in length. The same microorganism when observed under a dissection microscope with a lens of 10 X magnification, would measure..
a) 10 μ
b) 40 μ
c) 100 μ
d) 400 μ

2. Match the branches of Biology given under Column I with the field of study listed under column II; choose the answer which gives the correct combination of two columns.

Column I (Branch of Biology) Column II( Field of Study)
A. Malacology p. Reptiles
B. Pomologyq. Fungi
C. Mycology r. Fruits
D. Ornithology s. Molluscs
t. Birds

a) A=s; B=r; C=q; D=t
b) A=p; B=r; C=r; D=t
c) A=p; B=r; C=q; D=s
d) A=r; B=t; C=q; D=s

3. Which one of the following is correctly matched regarding an institute and its location?
a) National institute of Virology- Pune
b) National Institute of Communicable Diseases- Lucknow
c) Central Drug Research Institute- Kasauli
d) National Institute of Nutrition- Mumbai

4. A self fertilizing trihybrid plant forms
a) 8 different gametes and 16 different zygotes
b) 8 different gametes and 64 different zygotes
c) 4 different gametes and 16 different zygotes
d) 4 different gametes and 32 different zygotes

5. Employment of hereditary principles in the improvement of human race is
a) Euthenics
b) euphenics
c) Eugenics
d) ethology

6. Otorhinolaryngology is the study of
a) Brain cells
b) ENT
c) birds’s anatomy
d) larynx system

7. The branch of botany which deals with the study of algae is called
algae group
a) taxonomy
b) pathology
c) phycology

8. Which one of the following discoveries resulted in a Nobel Prize?
a) Cytoplasmic inheritance
b) Recombination of linked genes
c) X rays induce sex linked recessive lethal mutations
d) Genetic Engineering

9. Govt of India has followed mixing of alcohol in Petrol. What is the amount of alcohol permitted for mixing in petrol?
a) 2.5%
b) 5%
c) 10-15%
d) 20%

10. Photosynthetically active radiation represents the following range of wavelength:
a) 500-600 nm
b) 450-650 nm
c) 400-700 nm
d) 340-450 nm

1. c) 100 μ
2. a) A=s; B=r; C=q; D=t
3. a) National institute of Virology- Pune
4. b) 8 different gametes and 64 different zygotes
5. c) Eugenics
6. b) ENT
7. c) phycology
8. c) X rays induce sex linked recessive lethal mutations
9. b) 5%
10. c) 400-700 nm


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