Biology MCQs: Biology & Human Welfare

MCQ on Biofertilizers and Pesticides

1. Organic farming is the technique of raising crops through uses of?
a) manures
b) biofertilizers
c) resistant varieties
d) all of these

2. Pyrethrin is got from
a) Azardirachta indica
b) Urtica dioca
c) Tagetus erecta
d) Chrsanthemum cinerarifolium

3. Which one is green manure/ biofertilizer
a) Sesbania
b) Rice
c) Oat
d) Maize

4. Azolla is used as biofertilizer as it has

a) Rhizobium
b) Cyanobacteria
c) Mycorrhiza
d) large quantity of humus

5. The most quickly available source of nitrogen to plants are
a) amide fertilizers
b) ammonia fertilizers
c) nitrate fertilizers
d) ammonia nitrate fertilizer

6. Most effective pesticide is
a) carbamates
b) Organophosphates
c) organochlorines
d) All of these

7. Which is true for DDT? It is
a) not a pollutant
b) an antibiotic
c) an antiseptic agent
d) a non degradable pollutant

8. Which is major component of Bordeaux Mixture?
a) copper sulphate
b) sodium chloride
c) calcium chloride
d) magnesium sulphate

9. Which one is correctly matched?
a) carbamates- malathion
b) organophosphates- carbofuran
c) carbamates- malathion
d) organochloride- endosulphan

10. IPM stands for
a) integrated pest manufacture
b) integrated plant management
c) integrated plant management
d) integrated pest management

11. Azolla is used as biofertilizer as it has
a) Rhizobium
b) Cyanobacteria
c) Mycorrhiza
d) large quantity of humus

12. Green manuring increases the crop yield by
a) 5-10%
b) 15-25%
c) 30-50%
d) 80-90%

13. Insecticides generally attack
a) respiratory system
b) nervous system
c) muscular system
d) circulatory system

14. Organisms associated with sorghum and cotton, which provide nutrition to them are
a) Azospirillium, Azotobacter
b) Azotobacter, Azospirillum
c) Anabaena, Rhizobium
d) Rhizobium, Azotobacter

15. Azolla as biofertilizer, increases the yield of rice fields by
a) 10%
b) 20%
c) 30%
d) 50%

1. d) all of these
2. d) Chrsanthemum cinerarifolium
3. a) Sesbania
4. b) Cyanobacteria
5. c) nitrate fertilizers
6. b) Organophosphates
7. d) a non degradable pollutant
8. a) copper sulphate
9. d) organochloride- endosulphan
10. d) integrated pest management
11. b) Cyanobacteria
12. c) 30-50%
13. a) respiratory system
14. a) Azospirillium, Azotobacter
15. d) 50%

  1. Jaina 3 years ago

    In Q5 I think options are wrong because in all options one disease is caused by bacteria while the virus. Plz check it

  2. Profile photo of AvinashDS
    AvinashDS 4 years ago

    Hello sir,
    I started using this only from this month. I came to know about this recently.
    It is very useful. i thank you. It improves my test marks.
    Pl. can you post physics and chemistry also parallely as I can improve myself very well.
    Expecting your positive reply.
    Really thank you for your service.


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