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Multiple Choice Questions on Cancer

1. Cancer cells are
a) BHK
b) Veo
c) HL-8
d) Hela cells

2. Cancer is caused by
a)  uncontrolled mitosis
b) uncontrolled meiosis
c) rupturing of cells
d) loss of immunity of the cells

3. Cancer cells can easily be destroyed by radiations due to
a) fast mutation
b) rapid cell division
c) lack of mutation
d) lack of oxygen

4. Oncogenes are the cancer causing genes in the cells but they do not express usually. This is because of the presence of
a) proto oncogenes
b) tumour promoters
c) tumour suppressor genes
d) transposons or jumping genes

5. Cancer of β lymphocytes is called
a) Sarcoma
b) Melanoma
c) myeloma
d) carcinoma

6.  The basic difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell is
a) cancer cells divide continuously but normal cells do not divide
b) normal cell is bigger than cancer cells
c) normal cells are immortal but cancer cells are mortal
d) cancer cells divide do not differentiate like normal cells

7.  Diethylstibetorol (DES) is a carcinogen. Which organ of the body does it effect?
a) vagina
b) heart
c) lung
d) kidney

8. Reason of lung cancer is
a) coal mining
b) cement factory
c) calcium fluoride
d) bauxite mining

9. Blastoma is a cancer involving which tissue
a) bones
b) connective tissue
c) epithelial cells
d) embryonic tissue

10.  Which on of the following is used in treatment of thyroid cancer?
a) U-238
b) I-131
c) C-14
d) rA-240

11. Migration of cancerous cells from the site of origin to other part of the body forming secondary tumours is called
a) diapedesis
b) metastasis
c) proliferation
d) none of these

12.  A patient is suspicious of having breast cancer. What type of test will a physician conduct to diagnose the cancer
a) blood test
b) pap test
c) CT scan
d) mammography

13. Which one of the following genes is involved in the conversion of proto-oncogenes into oncogenes causing cancer?
a) metastasis genes
b) angiogenesis genes
c) transposons
d) tumour suppressor genes

14.  Which one of the following therapies will involve only the cancerous cells not the normal cells in treatment
a) immunotherapy
b) surgery
c) aromatherapy
d) chemotherapy

15. Which one of the following cancers does not form a  solid neoplasm
a) leukemia
b) lymphoma
c) lipoma
d) sarcoma


  1. Jaina 3 years ago

    In Q5 I think options are wrong because in all options one disease is caused by bacteria while the virus. Plz check it

  2. Profile photo of AvinashDS
    AvinashDS 4 years ago

    Hello sir,
    I started using this only from this month. I came to know about this recently.
    It is very useful. i thank you. It improves my test marks.
    Pl. can you post physics and chemistry also parallely as I can improve myself very well.
    Expecting your positive reply.
    Really thank you for your service.


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