Biology MCQs: Biology & Human Welfare


MCQs On Biology and Human Welfare. Topics Covered are Microbes in Human Welfare, Human Diseases, Deficiency Diseases, AIDS, Cancer, Tissue culture, Plant Breeding, Biofertilizers, Improvement in Food Production. NCERT Textbook fully covered. Answers are also given at the end of each topic.

MCQ on Microbiology – Microbes in Human Welfare

    1. The discovery that led to the development of first antibiotic was made by
a) Jenner
b) Pasteur
c) Fleming
d) Pauling

2. Spirulina is a
a) edible fungus
b) biofertilizer
c) biopesticide
d) single cell protein

3. Biogas is
a) Methane rich fuel
b) ecofriendly and pollution free source
c) Propane rich fuel
d) Both a and c

4. High value of B O D (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) shows
a) water is normal
b) water is highly polluted
c) water is less polluted
d) none of these

5. Which of the following is fermentation process?
a) batch process
b)continuous process
c) both a and b
d) none of these

6.  Who showed that Sacchaaromyces cerevisiae causes fermentation forming products such as beer and buttermilk?
a) Louis Pasteur
b) Alexander Fleming
c) Selman Waksman
d) Schatz

7. Rennet is used in
a) bread making
b) fermentation
c) cheese making
d) antibiotics synthesis

8. Tissue plasminogen activator is
a) a vitamin
b) an Enzyme
c)a chemical that stimulates tissue differentiation
d) amino acid

9. A bioreactor is
a) hybridoma
b) Culture containing radioactive isotopes
c) Culture for synthesis of new chemicals
d) Fermentation tank

10. Humulin is
a) carbohydrate
b) protein
c) fat
d) antibiotics

11. Which of the following can be application of fermentation?
a) tanning of leather
b) curing of tea
c) production of vine
d) all of these

12. Enzyme immobilisation is
a) conversion of an active enzyme into inactive form
b) providing enzyme with protective covering
c) changing a soluble enzyme into insoluble state
d) changing pH so that enzyme is not able to carry out its function

13. Biogas is produced by
a) aeobic breakdown  of biomass
b) anaerobic break down of biomass
c) with the help of methanogenic bacteria
d) both b and c

14. Name the first organic acid produced by microbial fermentation
a) citric acid
b) lactic acid
c) acetic acid
d)  none of the above

15. Vinegar is obtained from molasses with the help of
a) Rhizopus
b) Acetobacter
c) Yeast
d) both b and c


  1. Jaina 5 years ago

    In Q5 I think options are wrong because in all options one disease is caused by bacteria while the virus. Plz check it

  2. Profile photo of AvinashDS
    AvinashDS 6 years ago

    Hello sir,
    I started using this only from this month. I came to know about this recently.
    It is very useful. i thank you. It improves my test marks.
    Pl. can you post physics and chemistry also parallely as I can improve myself very well.
    Expecting your positive reply.
    Really thank you for your service.


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