NEET-UG 2017 Paper Leak: Hope for re-conduct ?

On 7th May, 2016 NEET-UG for admission to MBBS/BDS courses was conducted across the nation between 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. There was strict guidelines for frisking and dress code by CBSE for fair conduct of examination. Nothing except Admit card, Proforma and passport size photo were allowed at the center. These guidelines were made after the 2015 setback for CBSE, when it had to conduct the re-exam although initially it denied any misconduct.

AIPMT 2015 Paper Leak

AIPMT 2015 was first conducted on 3rd may. On 5th may reports in media emerged of cheating by means of Bluetooth fitted vest & arrest of 2 BDS doctor & one MBBS student who were involved. SIT of Haryana was investigating the matter. Around 12th May whatsapp screenshot indicating image of Question paper code F with time 12:25 PM went viral online and everywhere demands of re-exam started among pmt Candidates ( Source).
To clarify the matter CBSE released a notice stating, “there has been no leakage of question paper whatsoever. It has conducted Exam successfully & the issue pertains to use of unfair means & attempt to cheat by certain unscrupulous elements.”
The notice was not accepted by Candidates as it read more like a formal one without any clarification. Meanwhile SIT of Haryana was investigating hard and arrested the co-mastermind of the leak (
Source ). Who happens to be involved in other previous paper leaks of AIIMS and SBI.

Candidates united through Facebook and protest were carried out at various places.
Students and Parents were agitated about the Question paper leak, demanded RE-conduct Of AIPMT 2015.
PIL was filled in Supreme Court by one of the candidates Tanvi Sarval on 11th may 2015.

After investigation by Haryana Police it was found that more than 90% of the leaked answers have matched with official answer key. SIT Haryana also prepared a elaborate reply to present in Hon’ble Supreme Court. It was also found that the cheaters used vest fitted with bluetooth device and buttons with camera to scan the paper.

After hearing the matter supreme court released a stay order on the result although CBSE argumented that it was just a attempt to paper leak.
In reply Hon’ble Supreme Court said, “Your system has failed, you have been outwitted and outmanoeuvred by cheaters using electronic devises in exam hall”.

On June 15th, Supreme Court cancelled AIPMT 2015 and directed CBSE to hold Exam afresh within 1 month. A big blow and emabrassement for CBSE.

Similar Attempt in 2016

On day of NEET Phase 2, 5 persons were arrested in uttarakhand, who were taking 10-30 lakh for the question paper. Many students were stayed in the hotel before exam and provided answers.

CBSE through a notification stated that the paper ceased by Uttarakhand police were matched with the original paper and was found different. Reports also emerged that CBSE changed the paper overnight after leak.
On 9th August 2016, CBSE during hearing said that there was no leak of question paper before exam and even the Lodha committee was satisfied that there was no irregularities in the exam. Lodha Committee was formed by Supreme Court to look after the working of MCI.

Some Stats about NEET-UG 2017

Total Registered Candidates : 11,38,890
Female Candidates: 6,42,000
Cities: 104
Total centres: 1921

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All Developments in NEET-UG 2017 Leak

On 7th May, Patna police arrested 5 persons who were nabbed from a van carrying question papers for Christ Church School centre. They were intercepted while trying unsuccessfully to take out the question papers from a metal box. The question papers for the centre were being brought from a Canara Bank branch at Exhibition Road, 2 km away from the centre.
“We got information that the van was moving around rather than going to Christ Church School examination centre. Later, the van stopped near Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kankarbagh. Someone noticed torch lights flashing within the van’s dark interiors, indicating that photos of the question papers were being clicked. They, however, could not succeed as our team reached there and arrested three men along with the driver,” said Patna SSP Manu Maharaaj.

In Jaipur, the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the Rajasthan police arrested two persons of a gang that allegedly took money from candidates for leaking the NEET question paper. Two others of the gang were arrested in New Delhi.

Senior ATS officials said the arrested men were under scanner for the last 15 days. However, the question paper they were purportedly selling didn’t match with the one that came in the exam on Sunday.

“The arrested men had taken money from candidates and promised them to leak the question paper of NEET. One of our teams had gone to Delhi and another one was in Jaipur, keeping a watch on the accused,” superintendent of police (ATS) Vikas Kumar told HT.

Two arrest were also made at Sancoale, Goa where two fake Candidates were sitting in place of other candidates. These two accused has been booked under section 419 & 420. Interesting, the Candidate who reported the incident was approached by other member of the gang to sit on place of her in the exam. But she latter refused it, due to some confusion one member of the gang came to sit with fake admit card. When the Candidate came she found that there is already one person sitting in her place, she reported it and thats how that person was arrested. The other was arrest in counter search from same centre.

Yesterday, Patna police had arrested some coaching propreiter in connection with previous arrest.

Hope for Re-Exam ?

So far nothing proves that the paper was leaked before the exam. Reports, have come out that at some centres candidates were provided answer by centre incharge and they were made to memorise for 2 hours from 6 to 8 am. These reports has not been proved and verified by Patna police and investigation is still going on. Unless and until some concrete reports come which point that paper was leaked well before exam there is no chance of re-exam this year.
Meanwhile, CBSE has already published a notice on 7th May, “CBSE has successfully conducted the prestigious National Eligibility cum Entrance Test NEET-UG-2017…”.

Download NEET-UG 2017 Question Paper & Solution Download Here

  1. Samantha 4 years ago

    Don’t conduct NEET again, there has been no concrete proof against paper leak, and CBSE will normalize and moderate the results for different languages. There is no need for RE-NEET and those asking for it are the ones who want a second chance after their first failed attempt. CBSE will lose a lot of money, as well as let down lakhs of candidates who gave everything in this exam. Candidates like me, who’ve been slogging for two years, are losing hope and feeling dejected after this entire drama, especially the hype we see on social media. Deserving candidates don’t need this mental strain, and should not have to bear this unnecessary wait.

  2. Anchal silori 5 years ago

    Plzzzz conduct reneet,future of too many deserving candidates depend on it

  3. abhi agrawal 5 years ago

    Reneet and CBI checking is necesry. Akhir kB tk hm ise shenge. It is not a fighting against CBSE or gov, it is a fighting against corrupt system.

  4. Saurabh 5 years ago

    If there is a paper leak ,then their should definitely be a retest

  5. Payal 5 years ago

    Neet 2017 should be re conducted..I want surely to do re-conduct for neet ….

  6. deepa 5 years ago

    why not some one go to suprem court for reneet

  7. Keshav deegwal 5 years ago

    we want neet again bina mehnat karne wale neet main selection le rhe hai it should be conduct again

  8. Anagha E.S 5 years ago

    Plzz reconduct neet UG 2017

  9. Monika 5 years ago

    We want reneet..

  10. shivani 5 years ago

    Yes there should be reneet

  11. Ashutosh kumar 5 years ago

    we want justice..
    Better for those condidates …. Who want to be a DOCTOR. and hard work whole year….

  12. raghav soni 5 years ago

    neet 2017 should be conducted again…

  13. Smiriti 5 years ago

    We want justice…
    Cbsc. Plzzzz re-conduct neet 2017-ug
    It’s better for those students who actually wana be a Doctor and work hard full year plzzzzzzzzz……

  14. Prithviraj Prasad 5 years ago

    I want to re-examine for neet 2017

  15. Mayank jha 5 years ago

    Yes,It must be conducted again as re-neet

  16. shubham patel 5 years ago

    Hope for re conduct …aur Latka do fansi pe leak karne waalon ko

  17. Devdatt yadav 5 years ago

    Yes l want conduct re -exam Surely

  18. venkatesh 5 years ago

    conduct the re-exam surely …..

  19. Mani kant 5 years ago

    फांसी दो साले paper out krne वालो को नहीं तो ये next exam मे घोटाला नहीं krenge
    inko फांसी दो
    Tvi smjhenge

  20. Chirag Sirohi 5 years ago

    thanks this is the complete update till date and none other site provided such lucid content. thank u very much.

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