Download Class XI Handbook of Physics Formulae for AIPMT


Download free ebook of Class XI Handbook of Physics Formulae in pdf format. This book is very useful when you want to revise Class XIth Important formulas concisely. You can also use this ebook for finding out Formula while solving Physics problems. Whether  you are in Class 11th or 12th it’s useful for all. Most importantly its free for download.

This ebook has been scanned and converted to .pdf format. It has been bookmarked for easy navigation between chapters.

Table of Contents:

Basic Mathematics
Units & Dimensions
Newton’s laws of Motion & Friction
Circular Motion
Work, Energy & Power
Centre of Mass & Collision
Rotational Motion
Simple Harmonic Motion
Surface Tension
Thermal Physics
Wave Theory & Doppler Effect
Fundamental Constants

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  1. Mudabbir saudagar 3 years ago

    I want chemistry hand book of Allen (pdf)

  2. Ansari Lutfan 4 years ago

    admin plz give the 12 phy handbook

    and also if possible of bio and chem also…

  3. Profile photo of sudiptabera
    sudiptabera 5 years ago

    Where is handbook of physics formula for class xii ?

  4. Kittu 5 years ago

    How to download physics formula book

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 5 years ago

      Click on “Download Ebook” to download.

  5. DivyJoti 5 years ago

    Loved it ……. Amazing…. Awesome…😃 😍 😃

  6. Rahul 5 years ago

    Dear physics formula book can’t download. Some technical Problem . Plz. Update again
    I have urgent need. Plz help me.

  7. Abhishek 6 years ago

    What about CMC Vellore Bihar medical and St John.

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      These too require 50% in PCB

  8. Abhishek 6 years ago

    I am 10th dropper.Passed 10th in 2012.Get admitted in Hsc 2013.passed in 2015 with 75.2 Bihar preparing for PMT.Am I eligible in various PMTs like AIPMT,BCECE,CMC VELLORE,ST.JOHN,BHU,AMU,AIIMS,JIPMER etc.if I get good ranks among above I am sure I will get seat,but my query is that will my 10th drop will trouble or hinder my admission in above colleges.pls let me know briefly. Thx

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 6 years ago

      Eligibility requires you should have passed with atleast 50% in PCB for AIPMT & 60 % for AIIMS. Since you have 75% you are eligible…. Dropping won’t affect your eligibility…. Study hard & secure good rank.

  9. David 6 years ago

    i want ur free ebooks..

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