Download Allen DLP Study Material Biology Physics Chemistry for Pre-medical free

Allen Kota Distance Learning Program(DLP) Biology Physics Chemistry Modules with theory and MCQ exercises for NEET-UG AIIMS JIPMER Prepapration available for free download in pdf. Download Allen modules in pdf by clicking on the download button. All Allen download links are of google drive for high speed download. Allen study materials are scanned so may vary in sizes. Allen study materials are good for premedical preparation, now get allen study material free of cost. You can can also download Allen Test series paper by checking our downloads list.

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Allen Chemistry Modules
Module NameTheoryExercise
Periodic TableDownloadDownload
Chemical BondingDownloadDownload
Organic NomenclatureDownloadDownload
Reaction Mechanism IDownloadDownload
Reaction Mechanism IIDownloadDownload
Environmental ChemistryDownloadDownload
Solid StateDownloadDownload
Surface ChemistryDownloadDownload
Chemical KineticsDownloadDownload
d-f blockDownloadDownload
Co-ordination CompoundDownloadDownload
Oxgen Containing CompoundsDownloadDownload
Nitrogen Containing CompoundsDownloadDownload
Chemistry in EverydayDownload
Modules SolutionModule 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

More Newly Biology Modules. Exercise also includes assertion reason questions.

Allen Biology Modules
Module NameTheoryExercise
Animal KingdomVisit AgainDownload
Plant DiversityDownloadDownload
Cell BiologyDownloadCell Cycle
Structural Organisation in AnimalsDownloadDownload
Morphology of Flowering PlantsDownloadDownload
Plant Growth DevelopmentDownloadDownload
Plant Mineral NutritionDownloadDownload
Respiration in PlantsDownloadDownload
Digestive systemDownloadDownload
Circulatory SystemDownloadDownload
Respiratory SystemDownloadDownload
Human ReproductionDownload1


Human WelfareDownload MicrobesDownload
Origin of LifeDownloadDownload
GeneticsDownload MBIDownload

Download Allen Biology Modules

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NameContentDownload Link
Module 01Diversity in living WorldDownload
Module 02Animal KingdomDownload
Module 03Reproduction in Organisms and Flowering Plants Part-1Download
Module 04Reproduction in Organisms and Flowering Plants Part-2Download
Module 05Structural Organisamtion in AnimalsDownload
Module 06Anatomy of Flowering PlantsDownload
Module 07BiomoleculesDownload
Module 08Human PhysiologyDownload

Download Allen Physics Module

NameContentDownload Link
20 ModulesAll Modules in One- 500PagesDownload

Download Allen Chemistry Module

NameContentDownload Link
24 ModulesAll Modules in One- 442PagesDownload

Allen Handbook

Download Allen Handbook
Biology Part 1Download
Biology Part 2Download
Physics Part 1Download
Physics Part 2Download
Chemistry HandbookDownload

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  1. harsha 10 months ago

    pls put chapterwise pdf for physics

  2. harsha 10 months ago

    sir states of matter pdf thermodynamics pdf pls sir

  3. Gurudeep K S 11 months ago

    evolution full chapter pdf need but in the link there is only human evolution

  4. Shiya 11 months ago

    Sir plz provide morphology p block module.

  5. Adhithya Sriram 11 months ago

    Sir , chemistry chapter Equilibrium is missing sir .pls send us sir and we are very grateful to you sir.

  6. Nikhil 11 months ago

    Plz upload solution of module exercises separately

  7. Arpita Dangre 11 months ago

    Thank u so much sir/mam. These all are very helpful. I salute u to provide this for free of cost. U r a life savior.

  8. Rintu sharma 11 months ago

    Transport in plants is missing..

  9. M 11 months ago

    Sir plz post the notes of p block.
    Also link of physics module is not working.

  10. Himadri Majhi 12 months ago

    Plzz provide pdf of some basic concepts of chemistry

  11. MALHAR ARVINDBHAI PATEL 12 months ago

    SIR ,




  12. hannu0407 12 months ago

    can you pls upload the the chapters left in the biology handbook

  13. Profile photo of ankita
    ankita 1 year ago

    Chemistry at glance of allen?

  14. Nick Sahay 1 year ago

    Will keep the gratitude sir .. was looking for the notes so desperately , you made me get it free of cost .. Even my one friend ,who has studied in Allen ,denied sending me the PDFs of all chapters ..I had studied some chapters borrowing his book , n really got why Allen’s so much appreciated.. though it was unaffordable for me , u made it accessible to everyone for free …

  15. Atharva 1 year ago

    Please upload biology remaning modules part 3 and 4 …cuz part 1 and 2covers half syllabus…. Please reply me on email or upload please sir it’s urgent

  16. Atharva 1 year ago

    Biology handbook of remaining lesson i.e. part 3 and 4 ..of 12 th….. Since biology module 1 and 2 covers half… Please upload rem one fast ..reply me on email or upload please sir it’s urgent…….

  17. Ganesh 1 year ago

    Sir where is physics module? I need physics module sir

  18. Anayat Yousuf 1 year ago

    No words to explain… invaluable…..

  19. SHALU SURESH LAMSONGE 1 year ago

    Sir please uploaded the genetics and evolution

  20. Pooja 1 year ago

    Thanx for your support. I humble request to to plz provide biology handbbok complete notes. According to index of handbbook 1 notes is incomplete in handbbook 2.

    • Atharva 1 year ago

      Biology handbook of remaining lesson i.e. part 3 and 4 ..of 12 th….. Since biology module 1 and 2 covers half… Please upload rem one fast ..reply me on email or upload please sir it’s urgent…….

  21. Adarsh 1 year ago

    Sir handbook and modules (allen) ke kis year ke he

  22. Sayari Ghosh 1 year ago

    sir biotecnology ka pdf dalliye plz

  23. Mukesh gautam 1 year ago

    Sir biotechnology ka pdf daliye

  24. Harshita 2 years ago

    Sir can you provide Hindi medium modules please

  25. Gurpreet Kaur 2 years ago

    Physics gutka plsss

  26. Bhairun gaur 2 years ago

    Sir ,i need solution of ionic equilibrium , i have that module. I am facing so much doubts in this chapter, plz tell me how can i download solution of ionic equilibrium

  27. SAURABH KULKARNI 2 years ago

    Exercise of Diversity in living world Bio 11 neet exercise kingdom Monera

  28. Deepti 2 years ago

    Sir equilibrium ka pdf chahiye!!!

  29. Kishor kotwal 2 years ago

    thanks sir it’s very helpful for me

  30. Kishor kotwal 2 years ago

    It is very helpful for me sir thanks a lot sir

  31. Dipankar Mondal 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot sir…please upload the chapterwise solution’s pdf for allen dlp study mates.

  32. Afrin Ahamed 2 years ago

    Sir pls chemistry module No-1 k solution and physics k sare module k exercise ka solution provide ki kijiye pls

  33. Aman 2 years ago

    Sir i want genetics part 1 exercise…plzz

  34. Abhi sikarwar 2 years ago

    where i will find exercise question of physics module

  35. Prahlad 2 years ago

    Sir Hindi me upload kar skte hai kya Mila nahi Raha hai sir help us….

  36. Profile photo of abhiramneredimalli
    abhiramneredimalli 2 years ago

    Hiii thanks for your help

  37. sanjay mishra 2 years ago

    sir is it real dlp of allen
    or whether allen booklet is differ from this pdf

    • Prerna 2 years ago

      Yes it is real booklet of Allen sanjay

  38. manisha 2 years ago

    sir plz chemitry ka module no 1 ka solution provided kro sir kindly request h plz

  39. Profile photo of hrishikeshdas
    hrishikeshdas 2 years ago

    Sir, as there is no physics solutions. So please upload for us since we require them the most. If dlp physics solutions are not there then please upload them from classroom modules. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  40. Profile photo of hrishikeshdas
    hrishikeshdas 2 years ago

    Sir please upload allen dlp solution books… It is my humble request to you. We will be helped a lot

  41. Shaily 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for the help.

  42. Sachin Singh 2 years ago

    Good information

  43. A P 2 years ago

    Please provide MTG Fingertips Biology pdf book. And mcq books.

  44. Faizan Manzar 2 years ago

    Physics model are not available

  45. Arjuna 2 years ago

    Sir your very helpful.
    Please provide biological classification of class 11. And mtg books

  46. Sakshi 2 years ago

    Sir, you are very kindhearted and helping person .THANKS a lot .
    But I’m seeking for chapter – ” Chemical control and Coordination” of class11.
    Could u tell me where it is??

  47. vikas 2 years ago

    plant kingdom questions also

  48. Jahnavi 2 years ago

    Physics dlp is not in this link…
    Please provide that …

  49. Vishal pratap maurya 2 years ago

    Very helpful for me

  50. Himanshi mali 2 years ago

    All modules of bio are not available i need plz help

  51. Mudabbir saudagar 2 years ago

    Allen chemistry hand book new addition???

  52. hariprasad 2 years ago

    pls help me ,i am not able to download theory for morphology of plants.if anyone have did it pls end me the link

    • Jatin Hans 2 years ago

      Thnku Sir BDDe vala πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  53. md ashique 2 years ago

    thank you sir .. u r the best person in the world..

  54. SAWAI kumawat 2 years ago

    Kya modules Hindi me Nahi MIL sakte?

  55. rohit 2 years ago

    sir i m not able to download theory of morphology of flowerind plants allens module

  56. Mohd kaif 2 years ago

    Sir physics exercise is not available please make available with solutions

  57. Amol 2 years ago

    Sir bio handbook remaining parts are not available

  58. RV 2 years ago

    Sir we have short time for neet exam
    So please upload physics modules and its solution

  59. Profile photo of siddharthsankarrath
    siddharthsankarrath 2 years ago

    Sir I need whole biology Allen material.can u plz upload it along with their exercises

    • khushi 2 years ago

      what is currently missing ?

  60. shivansh 2 years ago

    thank you from my heart you changed my life

  61. Profile photo of siddharthsankarrath
    siddharthsankarrath 2 years ago

    I need Allen material exercises of all the chapters of biology.kindly can u help me

    • SIDDHARTH SANKAR RATH 2 years ago

      Sir some links are not activated like plant diversity,respiration in plants.Sir all exercises questions are not available. In some chapters only conceptual questions are present no previous year question, analytical question, &assertion reasoning questions.Sir all chapter questions are not present.

  62. Masidur Raha Jonny 2 years ago

    Sir pLz mejor 2nd up load

  63. Siddharth Sankar Rath 2 years ago

    Plz upload Allen material exercises of all chapters of biology

  64. Siddharth Sankar Rath 2 years ago

    Sir I need Allen material exercises of all chapters of biology.can u help me out

  65. k 2 years ago

    thanks sir ….

  66. namra siddiquu 2 years ago

    Sir plzz upload formula (dlp) of physics 12th humble request sir plzz …waiting need alot sir… And tysm for all these one

  67. Mansoor 2 years ago

    Need complete human physiology

  68. afreeth 2 years ago

    Thank u sir

  69. Jarmanjeet 2 years ago

    Physics allen exercises upload plz

  70. Ayush Agrawal 2 years ago

    Respiratory system not available…

  71. Sandra 2 years ago

    Thank you so much

  72. Profile photo of nick06
    nick06 2 years ago

    U r awesome guys
    We need revolution in teaching and studying field u r the startes of it go for it
    U will definitely do it
    I m with you

    Radhe radhe

  73. AKSHAY KHARAT 2 years ago

    thanks sir

  74. RV 2 years ago

    Thank you sir
    Sir please upload physics modules and its solutions

  75. RV 2 years ago

    Thank you sir

  76. jaidev roy 2 years ago

    sir plz upload the solutions of physics module.

  77. Avani 2 years ago

    Thank you so much you this website is vry helpful to neet aspirant

  78. vindhiya 2 years ago

    its very much useful
    but plse install all chapter

  79. tejaswini 2 years ago

    hearty thanks for sharing this information. It helps a lot

  80. Radhika Anand 2 years ago

    awesome awesome awesome ………this is the best website for neet aspirants…………thanku so much for free of cost books…….thanku once again

  81. Mukul 2 years ago

    this is really best website for neet aspirants.
    free and so good

  82. Ananya 2 years ago

    Thank you very much sir. Your help is worth appreciating. Many students like me are able to access all good study materials free of cost, making study convenient. Thank you once again😊😊.

  83. Profile photo of vishaltripathi9794
    vishaltripathi9794 2 years ago

    sir please upload plant physiology also

  84. Jennifer jacob 3 years ago

    Sir u provided Allen material but plant phisiology module is not here plz look into the matter

    • Mayur 2 years ago

      Yes morphology of flowering plants does not open its theory

  85. Dr RP Gupta 3 years ago

    Book are very useful for all. U are serving free of cost to students. Its matter more. We are very thankful for these work……Best Wishes

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