Audiobook NCERT Biology Class XI for CBSE NEET-UG & AIIMS


Free Download High Quality NCERT Audiobook of Biology Class XI available in mp3 format. Audiobooks are categorised as per NCERT Class XI syllabus. No getting bored reading NCERT textbooks now, very helpful for NEET-UG and AIIMS preparation. All mp3 are in english language. Just listen to these audiobooks and get NCERT at your fingertips, excellent for revision of NCERT chapters. Contains chapter introduction and summary. All links are of google drive for fast download. Created by PMTcorner Team.

ClassClass XI
Audio LanguageEnglish
Audiobook formatMp3

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01The Living WorldIntroduction-The Living World1.1 What is Living

1.2 Diversity in the Living World

1.3 Taxonomic Categories

1.4 Taxonomical Aids

Summary-The Living World
02Biological ClassificationBiological Classification-Introduction2.1 Kingdom Monera

2.2 Kingdom Protista

2.3 Kingdom Fungi

2.4 Kingdom Plantae-2.5 Kingdom Animalia

2.6 Viruses, Viroids and Lichens

Summary- Biological Classification
03Plant KingdomIntroductionDownload





Download Summary
04Animal KingdomIntroductionDownload



Download Summary
05Morphology of Flowering PlantsIntroductionDownload



Download Summary
06Anatomy of Flowering PlantsIntroductionDownload




Download Summary
07Structural Organisation in AnimalsIntroductionDownload




Download Summary
08Cell-The Unit of LifeIntroductionDownload


Download Summary






Download Summary
10Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionIntroductionDownload


Download Summary
11Transport in PlantsIntroductionDownload






Download Summary
12Mineral NutritionIntroductionDownload


Download Summary
13Photosynthesis in Higher PlantsIntroductionDownload





Download Summary
14Respiration in PlantsIntroductionDownload





Download Summary
15Plant Growth and DevelopmentIntroduction15.1-15.3 Growth and development

15.4 -Plant Growth Regulators

Download Summary
16Digestion and AbsorptionIntroduction16.1-16.4 Digestive System & DisorderDownload Summary
17Breathing and Exchange of GasesIntroduction17.1 Respiratory Organs

17.2-17.3 Mechanism of Breathing & Exchange

17.4-17.6 Transport of Gases & Disorder

Download Summary
18Body Fluids and CirculationIntroduction18.1-18.2 Blood and lymph

18.3 Circulatory Pathways

18.4-18.6 Double Circulation, regulation and disorder

Download Summary
19Chapter 19-Excretory Products and their EliminationIntroduction19.1-19.4 Human Excretory System

19.5-19.8 Regulation-Micturation-Disorder of Kidney

Download Summary
20Locomotion and MovementIntroduction20.1-20.2 Types of Movement and Muscle

20.3-20.5 Skeletal System & Disorder

Download Summary
21Neural Control and CoordinationIntroduction21.1-21.4 Neural System

21.5-21.6 Reflex Action, Eye and Ear

Download Summary
22Chemical Coordination and Integration-IntroductionIntroduction22.1-22.4 Endocrine Glands and HormonesDownload Summary

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  1. Aayushi 10 months ago

    You have no idea how much it helps pls also post for std XII physics chemistry and biology.

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    thanks a lot.. very very helpful it makes me sit in a place without deviating…

  3. arpan kumar singh 2 years ago

    plant kingdom introduction is not available it is opening 3.1 algae link

  4. sibasish 2 years ago

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  7. Manisha 2 years ago

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    So please help me.

    • Profile photo of Admin Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey, click on “Download or Chapter/topic name”, a new tab will open…download link will be available there, just click that.

  8. Krishna 2 years ago

    Sir how to download audibooks

  9. Farhan 2 years ago

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    pratiktomti 3 years ago

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    abdulahad 3 years ago

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    • radha 3 years ago

      First click on the chapter’s topic and it will lead to another page. Scroll down and you will find a link something like googledocs……. click that. And you will be taken to a mp3 playing website and you will find a download option to your upper right corner. I hope I could describe properly.

  14. Rahul kumar 3 years ago

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    • Rahul kumar 3 years ago

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      Admin 3 years ago

      If you’re unable to see download link then it’s because your viewing on mobile device. Scroll sideways (right to left) on the table or else you can switch on desktop view in chrome browser.

  23. Vivek Rai 3 years ago

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