Online Test series Course for Pre-Medical

For Class XII Passed Students
Course NameAchiever Test Series
MediumEnglish only
Target ExamNEET-UG, AIIMS & JIPMER 2018
DurationOne Year
Total TestChapterwise Practice Test

10-15 Test per chapter

Each Test contain 30 questions

12 Major Test
15 Minor Test
NEET-UG, AIIMS & JIPMER Previous Papers
Syllabus CoveredBiology Physics Chemistry
Commencement Date21/05/2017
ValidityValid till 1st June 2018
Fee StructureRs.4,999 Rs.2999 (for Limited period)
RequirementComputer or tablet with

Internet connectivity ( 3G or 4G preferred)

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Minor Test Series Schedule

Test No.Test DateTest TypeTest PatternAvailability
1.25/06/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
2.09/07/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
3.23/07/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
4.06/08/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
5.20/08/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
6.10/09/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
7.24/09/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
8.08/10/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
9.22/10/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
10.05/11/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
11.19/11/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
12.03/12/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
13.17/12/2017Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
14.21/01/2018Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available
15.04/02/2018Unit TestNEET-UGNot Available

**All Test will be open for 48 hours. Candidate can any time attempt the test during 48hour. Results will be finalised after 48 hours.

Major Test Series Schedule

Test No.Test DateTest SyllabusTest PatternAvailability
1.30/07/2017Class XINEET-UGNot Available
2.27/08/2017Class XINEET-UGNot Available
3.26/11/2017Class XIINEET-UGNot Available
4.10/12/2017Class XIINEET-UGNot Available
5.28/01/2018Class XIINEET-UGNot Available
6.11/02/2018Full SyllabusNEET-UGNot Available
7.18/02/2018Full SyllabusNEET-UGNot Available
8.25/02/2018Full SyllabusNEET-UGNot Available
9.18/03/2018Full SyllabusNEET-UGNot Available
10.15/04/2018Full SyllabusNEET-UGNot Available
11.22/04/2018Full SyllabusNEET-UGNot Available
12.29/04/2018Full SyllabusNEET-UGNot Available

**All Test will be open for 48 hours. Candidate can any time attempt the test during 48hour. Results will be finalised after 48 hours.

Additional Prep-Addons Access

Addons NameTotal TestSyllabusAvailability
Target NEET10 TestFull SyllabusFrom January 2018
Target AIIMS05 TestFull SyllabusFrom January 2018

**Free access to PREP-ADDONS will be available from January 2018 and candidates can any time attempt the test during course duration.


How do I make Payment for the Course ?
You have to make online payment using Debit card, credit card, netbanking or UPI (Unified Payment Gateway). Our payment partner is PayUmoney, your payment is fully safe and secured. No offline payment option is available.

What is the Validity of Course?
The validity of online test series is one session or year from the date of commencement. All credit will expire by 1st June of the next year unless otherwise mentioned in product description.

What is Prep-Addons, how can I get it?
Prep-addons extra test for NEET and AIIMS which can be added to the course. You need to purchase the course to buy a prep-addons. These can’t be purchased separetly.

I have purchased the course but I am not able to login?
After you purchase the test, wait for 48 hours (excluding holidays) for Login details which cotains username and password to be sent to your email ID, use this login id to login by visiting Here . Your login details of account will not work.

How can I use Rank Predictor?
Login into your dashboard and from menu click on “Rank Predictor”. Enter your score and you will be shown Expected All India Rank in NEET and Percentile score. Currently, we don’t provide category rank or state rank. It can be only used to predict NEET-UG rank not AIIMS and JIPMER rank.

Can I attempt these test any time?
You have the freedom to attempt chapterwise practice Test, Previous paper and Prep-Addons anytime and you will be shown result after finishing the test. Minor and Major Online Test are open for 48 hours on the scheduled day, failing to attempt will loose your count.

Does the questions have explanation or solution?
Yes, 98% of our questions have explanation or solution.

Can I pause the test and resume latter to give test?
No, you can’t resume the test. All test has fixed duration in which it can be attempted once it is started. Read Instructions carefully before attempting test.

Do you provide these test in Hindi or other language?
No, all test can be only taken in English Language.

Do you provide refund in case if I want to leave the test or join other course?
No, we don’t provide any refund after payment. Courses can’t be exchanged, we will only process course against the selected course in the purchase order.

Can I use mobile phone to give this test?
You can use mobile phones but we recommend using Desktop, Laptop or tablet with 3G or 4G connection.

Which browser do you recommend for giving Online Test?
We recommend using Chrome Browser for better experience.


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